Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ganesha collage wall of happy memories!

The zone of serenity in our home, our temple room is a blessing to me and to those who enters. I have been tearing through every possible fascinating choice and countless other thoughts about the bare canvas /wall in our temple room. Finally, the wall opened up a steam of variety to pour in my list of criteria for decking the creative art pieces of our artist daughter.  To keep the touch of warmth and personality of our daughter (which we will appreciate every day in her absence) unique composition of frames now adorn this wall.

A perfect mess of a collage wall that sings the medley of our artist’s great work and favourite frame of Ganeshji collected or gifted is now filled up in the temple room with a visual impact.

Started off with the big frame and surrounded it with rest of the frames with tight space. To escape from a lot of unnecessary nailing, I laid out the frames on the floor and reshuffled each piece until reached to a perfectly grouping of my liking. After visualizing the final effect by moving few frames around, I sealed the deal.

Laid out the various sized frames with dissimilar shapes to create variety, ensuring to balance the selection with repetition of same medium. Here I have mixed the same medium of Ganeshji canvas and other frames I had, varied by different heights.

Loving the effect of filling photographs or pieces arranging into haphazard cluster. In my previous home, the stair wall was dazzled with the memory of our children growing up. Now in this room,  our cherished art collection and personal flair of daughter's paintings are adorning the wall.

Splash dash of colours on the frame added the characters and made the space more inviting. There are endless options to hang out the photos or make a collage wall but I narrowed down my options before picking that hammer and nail.

Give your "imaginative muscles" some work out and pull out those hiding away frames for some twist of admiration. Up next on the blog will meeting our eco-friendly home Ganesha before we bid him farewell, stay tuned on facebook until we meet again, toodles!

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