Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Basement Bar & Kitchen (My home - My pride)

With May long weekend we unofficially start Canadian summer and collectively look forward to the long days and pretty warm nights that the season brings. While we are ready to soak ourselves in the spirit of summer, our walk-out basement is also slowly shaping up to keep us entertained with the clan of visitors we are expecting this year.  

Taking time and creative opportunity to make the most of what we loved, we built our basement and extended our living space. Even though this space is a work in progress, I am finally sharing a little update on the progress that we have made in our basement bar. There are still several things I need to do here and it's definitely far from being done, but baby steps, right?

The idea of a drink in here may lure you in, but it's the little details that will make you linger for long and explore...come on in.  
When the plans started brewing for finishing our basement, us, being the social butterflies, I knew that we needed a versatile space. A space that can tick off all the boxes of necessary luxuries in our basement including a wet stylish bar to inspire and inform whether you are in for a quick drink or a big overhaul party. While I can blob on and on about it, I am better off letting the pictures below tell you more stories about it. 
The place is more like a kitchen galley meets bar which can take care of many party essentials and social gatherings we host. Having all the conveniences of a kitchen down in our basement makes my lifestyle much easier.

I take the freedom to alter the place as per the need of the occasions. With drinks and games on the counter, the place is a man cave for my husband to call his own and with mimosa bar and sparkling wines out there, the place is ready to host my girl's night. When all the drinks are out of sight, the same good flat surface is perfect for me to lay our starters and plug in the food warmers for all social gatherings.  

Our daughter's latest paintings of three different beers add the needed punch of color in an otherwise all white quartz backsplash. A large fridge makes social hosting a breeze since I can do all my prep where the party will be, instead of running up and down stairs for food and drink. A small sink here makes my cleanup simple and fast. Moreover, the built-in-microwave helps me achieve the clean and stylish look while making the life easier to warm up the food before party starts. I also took care to include an in-built garbage and recycle bin in the small area. The floating shelves and glass cabinets are perfect opportunity to display my curated treasures.

With a walk-out basement and big windows we never have a problem with adequate light but I feel lighting can do wonders to help define the overall decorating scheme. With me wanting some mood lighting, we over boarded the lighting scenes in the kitchen and also installed lights under the cabinets.   

Here is a bigger picture to pique your curiosity. Combination of all white quarts and accents of rustic wood feels ethereal. Barn wood wall...yes, finally it got ticked off my wish list.  100+ years old original barn wood adds the rustic touch I wanted on the wall. The wood wall is extended further in our living space as well where we lounge and settle down for movie nights on our projector. With an open concept basement, I also wanted to bring a mellow and inviting feeling in the space, hence ditching the dark color, we decided to bring in the soft color and beautifully distressed structure of the gray lamination as flooring. Here is a detailed post on that mask wall in the background
Considering the functionality of our family and taking care of the essentiality of social gatherings, we took complete freedom to decorate another space in our home. Now the bar here is not just a place to fix yourself a drink, but we make the very best of the moment with music playing on auto loop loudly. The word 'excited' might not even remotely come to describe what I am feeling about the fun episodes that are about to follow in this stocked up bar :). 

Until we meet again, will see you around on my social media, toodles! 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Choc-a-bloc of Treasured Keepsakes (Home Tour of Sunita Polumetla)

When people have a connection with heirlooms or hand me downs, keeping them in their décor is not only a design decision, it’s an emotional one, and that has to be respected.

Beloved-but-dated décor accessories you’ve inherited can't possibly fit into today's style of your home but as a décor stylist, I have learned, where there’s a will, there’s usually a way to incorporate them. 
Instead of going for a perfect finish style, our today's home owner Polumetla Sunita from all the way Hyderabad has won upon mixing and matching looks. Come on in....  
Living with urban necessities does not mean forfeiting the charm of old ones. Sunita has smartly outfitted her living room with heirloom items that have the charisma and character of a classic home. Sharing her deep bond with heirlooms, she has re-created the feel of elegance that is synonymous with homes of the past. Taking the center stage here is the bench from an antique furniture store blended well with heirloom swings flanking on both sides. (The back support of these swings can be shifted to other side and by adding the chains to translate it into a swing).  
No matter how quirky the family heirlooms are, they add warmth and history in any space. Being a dedicated brass lover, Sunita finds out-of-the-way spaces for inherited beauties around the home. Along with rich accents and jewel toned fabrics on the couches, wall is adorned with the grouping of Odhisha paintings done on palm leaves.  
Did your eyes catch the focal point? 'Thinking outside the box' Sunita has grounded an inherited brass urli with dramatic touch on the floor replacing the coffee table. After all, being creative is just a matter of finding the right inspiration. The Goddess Saraswati painting is a hand painted master piece from Bali.  
Sunita's home is a tribute to rich traditions and culture. Translating the cohesive and connected collection into her personal tastes and preferences, she is proving that one can never go wrong with basics. Her collection of brass spoons is not icing on a cake for any brass lover but it's the whole cake shop :). The very famous Balaji Tanjore painting is done by Sunita herself.
Special occasions like Diwali definitely does wonders around Sunita's home. New finds and family jewels mingle well in different corners of Sunita's home. I spy turtles and tortoises. How many can you spot? Being an ardent collector of tortoises and turtles Sunita searches high and low to add a piece for her collection. 

 The horse is a trade fair find while the lamp came home from Kerala.

Minimalistic approach is adopted in the family room while adding some funky and nostalgic vibe. Honoring the connection, a cradle is practically transformed as a coffee table. The table is splashed with juicy colors of Cheriyal masks from Telangana. Made out of paper-mâché these masks add character and interest in this room.  
Confidence is the secret to create a truly unique and personalized space and following the same mantra Sunita has successfully updated corners of her home by combining styles, cultures and eras. The Kerala boat here is a customized piece that is adorning a corner. The bird table is made out of a single wood. The green trunk is a loot from chor-bazar that has been upcycled by Sunita, who spray painted it to fit her need. The big vessel is a heirloom piece that Sunita has used as side table by placing display mish-mash things. 
Sunita's kitchen depicts an art full array of precisely positioned heirlooms and new finds for an interesting spin. Often so called little things give out the most insight into a person's identity and taste. A striking display of everyday objects in Sunita's kitchen does the same. Clever combinations of simple fittings, pretty colors and vintage accessories make the place both - practical and inspirational. 
Few more kitchen scenes from Sunita's home. Blending all the new and timeless pieces (that are easily accessible for ready to use) this place combines function and aesthetic appeal with care and flair. 
Experimentation is the key to all new trends- yes, this adage perfectly fits when it comes to trying out the mix and match philosophy and uncovering what speaks to you. After years for craving these 'pandiri mancham' beds that Sunita's grandparents owned, she also had a desire to have one since her childhood. Her wish got granted few years back when she converted her imagination into a reality with the help of her carpenter. She brilliantly converted two antique beds into these beds for her bedroom and guest room. 

The famous Bapu Bommalu paintings above the bed are replica gifted by Sunita's friend. For those of you who are unaware about this designer, he is an Indian film director who has made a name in Telugu Cinema. Being a creative soul, he introduced a unique painting style of freehand drawing and simple bright colors. 
Sunita's vibrant and layered home is a result of her trust towards her instincts.  She has allowed herself the freedom to bring together the items that she loves – such as these historical dolls. A collection of Kondapalli Dolls (traditional dolls of Andhra Pradesh) & Marapachi dolls (a pair of male and female dolls which forms the most important part of Navratri Golu arrangements) are dotted in various corners of the bedroom.  
With a hint of different prints, this vibrant colors infused bedroom sets a retro vibe.
Few neatly arranged corners in bedrooms. 
Ahhhh...the balcony. We Canadians are inexplicably drawn towards the sight like this....just because we are outdoor deprived souls...yes, April doesn't feel much like spring at my end, but it sure is a prime time to gather some inspo for the season. This little piece of soothing heaven Sunita has nurtured just outside of her bedroom...where the thread of continuity in collection continues outdoors as well. Love the use of Kerala boat along with terra-cotta pots and masks. How lucky you are Sunita to have luxury of these greens surrounded by...I am so 'J'. 
Not only potted plants, but armed with a long list of her own creations, Sunita has also dotted some penny pinching ingenuity in the balcony.  Seen here are just few of them. A ladder is upcycled with parrots, funnels are transformed as pots, a rift wood piece, with the help of stone pendants- embroidery threads and beads, is converted into a wind-chime that chimes away in her balcony. Effortless, convenient and trendy these three words totally resonate with her style, right? 
As we end our home tour today, here is a collage of more greens and rustic appeal of terra-cotta planters.  

With a choc-a-bloc collection of heirlooms, I felt Sunita's home is reminiscent of the past without feeling frozen in time. Heirlooms gives you such confidence to dabble with your creativity and adding an endearing personal style to your home. Don’t let your treasured keepsakes languish in the attics. Instead of stashing these cherished family items, give these sentimental items a second life.

Thank you for the generosity of your time Sunita and get ready to host me in your beautiful home, if I ever land in Hyderabad 🙂. My special gratitude extends to Paddy for bringing this home to my attention, as always, you are a sweetheart Paddy.  

So, that's it for today's home tour folks, until we meet again, see you around on Instagram and Facebook, toodles!