Monday, September 19, 2016

Harmoniously Traditional ( Home Tour of Padmaja Rama)

I lucked bumping into this lady, who is passionate, talented and just as effervescent all in the same breath. The lady, who lives by her own enthralling interpretation of décor, has created a home that is a perfect blend of style, sensibility and elegance; coupled with a deep rooted respect for culture.  

Meet Padmaja Rama, lovingly known as Paddy, who is professionally a software consultant, a decorator and a creative soul by passion, a wife and mom by love and responsibility. She has effectively composed her motherhood by taking a break from the corporate world to take care of her two beautiful young girls. 
Paddy  and her husband Vinod Rama, bought their first house three years ago, into which she poured her heart and soul to create a breathtakingly ‘ROYAL’ home (yes, that's what their friends describe it as ‘RAMA'S ROYALE ’ )which according to her is still in progress. Their home can be defined as a harmonious symphony of traditional and contemporary styles, well curated with a coveted collection of brass artefacts, Antiques, vintages, colors, textures, DIYs, custom furniture, her own art and some unexpected juxtapositions. 

So pull up a chair, pour a cuppa and get prepared to spend some time ogling with me at this lovely home that is sure to pull every decor lover's heartstrings. I will not be able to do justice if I attempt to cover the beauty of this home in a single post. So there will be a PART TWO of this home tour which I am sure you will eagerly await by the end of this post.
 Yard, Entrance and Porch:

Paddy's decor and styling starts right from her driveway and flowerbeds, where visitors are cheerfully greeted with several kolam painted flower pots blooming with various fragrant, colorful blooms.
There  are no rules set in stone, only kolam designs, including one painted the Indian customary greeting 'Namaste'
According to Paddy, she is a sucker for anything traditional and highly favors preserving and safeguarding her cultural roots.  When it comes to House front, she proclaims her own mantra of classiness:“I strongly believe that Elegance is, when the inside is as beautiful as the outside! Our entryway is the first visible area in our home you would notice and is a clear indication of what one can expect inside. I wanted to create my own distinctive look right from here and make our home a little different from other homes. Hence I orchestrated my own style here by adding something original, creative and true to my culture."
Being an ardent Feng-shui follower the family stained the concrete flooring in Terracotta red
Paddy's fascination for kolam started as a child. She grew up watching her mom and grand mom decorate the entrance dexterously with intricate kolam patterns, which worked as a catalyst in her inclination toward that art. Paddy says: “As inspired as I was with kolam since childhood, I was also completely enamored and profoundly influenced by the ‘alopana’ or ‘kolam’ wall art murals that I used to see in hutments in my maternal Grandparents village. When we bought our home, I wanted to bring to life that fond memory I carried for years in my heart. For me, the hand-etched designs on the pots and rocks added something fresh and original to the overall look I wanted to achieve.” 
The marble fireplace is another estate sale find
A woman who gambles recklessly on yard sales (Estate Yard Sales) and yet always wins with loot has a collection of several vintage cement pedestals and planters. Metal bells (she is obsessively in love with them) are in the corner with a jute rope along with a vintage lantern she got free (along with 2 truckloads of items they bought from the estate sale agent), atta girl….that’s some covetous and excitable goodies you got there. 

Adjacent to the main door is a porch where family gathers the flood of friends but also where they collapse into each other‘s company for their ritual of evening tea. Elegance and expertise are mixed and interpreted here in myriad ways with results diverse enough to please our all senses.
More colors from Paddy’s porch

The lit diyas cast a romantic glare on the porch and the family and friends love to drink in this view alike.
As the evening unfurls, light seems to confer beauty and elegance casting a romantic glare on the porch. Aglow with the amber warmth of lit diyas, the family drinks the pleasant view. I wouldn’t mind a nibble and an ice tinkling drink here to wind down the rough day :). Though, with such beautiful porch, I wonder how she keeps onlookers at the bay.

As we head indoors towards the Entry way/ Foyer:
Her foyer carries forward a further enhanced theme of Indian traditional decor that was set outside her main door. With bold strokes of brass Paddy has invited glamour in her foyer. She does not let herself constrained by any typecast and quotes in a matter-of-fact tone: “In the things we love lie clues to who we are! And our home displays these clues all around! It is a complete reflection of mine and my husband's mutual personalities, love, passion, strengths and weaknesses as well."
Nearly 4 foot vintage Brass elephant that was yet another stroke-of-luck find on Craigslist several years ago
With her tasteful collection, bold use of gold accents, ornate furniture and bright floral arrangements (flowers are must in her décor mantra) she has brilliantly conjured a spell binding arrangement, set deliberately in a traditional tone that always holds her guests captive from the time they set  their foot in..
By now, I am lusting after Paddy’s awe inspiring collection and the stories behind each of these dramatic pieces are equally magical. At display here is one of her prized Teppanom statue: “This original Teppanom Statue in Silver (there are several replicas in the market but real ones are limited) was sold to us by a retired couple who were downsizing and they had actually bid and won this piece at an Antique auction!”

Traditional settings are brilliantly conjured up in each nook and cranny of the home. While juxtaposition of red flowers on gold accents on these vignettes add a lavish touch on her otherwise beautiful collection.
The cabinet at the entrance is a vintage looking, made-in- India piece the couple found in a furniture store

Each and every corner is grounded with dramatic pieces of furniture made out of architectural salvages from vintage Indian homes. Taking pride Paddy coins: "Next to the vintage looking cabinet is another Antique teak pedestal column which is made out of architectural salvages of ornate columns from old south Indian homes. These pieces remind me of my grandparents’ home that I am emotionally connected to and hence will not blink an eye before picking these whenever I happen to find them!"

 The carved Mahogany mirror in the corridor is an Indonesian Import
The main door is painted around the door frame in an royal arch pattern with terracotta-orange shade to add some visual interest as well as to satisfy Paddy's Feng shui color requirements for the direction the door faces. The corner shelves on either side of the door have serene figurines of meditating Buddhist monks. Peeking behind from the figurine is an antique brass lassi glass from India used as small planter.
Her fetish for hanging bells is very evident outside and inside. She let her fascination for bells literally hit the roof by customizing her lovely crystal chandelier with mini brass bells from India, totally elevating its look. The visual continuity she maintained with brass hanging diyas and bells through various rooms set tone for a regal continuum.
When sun light hits the crystals in the chandelier at an angle, hundreds of brilliant light bubbles in rainbow hues are strewn around the Foyer. Watching her kids play with these sparkles is her favorite pass time.

Surprising, being a die-hard collector of antiques and vintages, Paddy herself hasn’t visited India more than twice in past 7 years. Apart from Estate and Garage sales, Antique shows and auctions at times, she was able to fetch her amazing collection from India through her best friend. Her inspiring friendship with her friend played a great role in many chapters of her home story: “I was able to get a lot of brass and other stuff from India. THANKS TO MY BESTIE SHOBA. She patiently adopts my eyes and ears, shops for me and sends across everything I want from India”.
A vintage brass vase and an Antique kum kum container is placed on this pedestal
Each and every corner lifts up our senses. A closer look at an intricate details of 'Zarokha" and  a vintage brass vase and an antique Kum-kum container. 

And as we end our part-1 here, I am leaving you with a peek of what is in store for you in part-2 . Trust me, even a glimpse of what you saw thus far will not prepare you for the visual dazzle you are in for in the next part!

Me and Paddy, both had been mulling over the possibility of this home tour but the wee-bit long post took good amount of overflowing exchange of emails before we inked the deal.  In the course of our conversation, we have cemented good friendship and the joy and pleasure of bonding with this beautiful lady is precious. I thank her and her family for inviting us virtually in her home and wishing them all the love, luck and happiness today and always!

And you lovely peeps, get connected with this uber talented lady on her Facebook page Paddy's Decomania or follow her Instagram feed Padmaja Rama, where she often belts out her home décor sagas.

Stick around on Facebook page or Instagram  feed of Pinkz Passion for part -2 of this beautiful home. Until we meet again, toodles!  

(Image Courtesy: Padmaja Rama. The pictures can not be used without a consent  from the home owners, however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account)    

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Indian Weave - Featured Shop (Giveaway Special)

The Indian Weave, a brand who raised the curtain with a motto of honoring and supporting the artisans, has developed top-notch accessories with roots that stretch back to an era gone by. Their long operated eye towards art and an abiding fondness of local wanderings has directed every product and activity the brand pursued. Follow along as we explore the world of The Indian Weave, a modern destination for anyone who is lacking ‘style apathy’ in their home décor.

Through attentive exploration in art history and with love for every detail, the artists and masters at The Indian Weave have merged art and luxury together in collection, tagging their brand - hand crafted with love in India.  Noting The Indian Weave’s environmental vision for their responsibly sourced accessories, one can always feel-good about having in their home. 

Provoked by a desire to merge modernity in the classic pieces with the splendor of indigenous materials and craftspeople in their brand, The Indian Weave’s signatures style pieces are an overall attention grabber. Boasting pleasing intricacies, all pieces are united by an attention to detail.
Go for the gold. To increase the glam factor in a traditional settings, brass impart the perfect dose of warmer aesthetic.  With their reflective and shiny aura, brass adds the hint of luxury in any decorating. If you are thinking of expanding your already glimmering brass, The Indian Weave has it all; their online outlet carries much larger inventories that can be easily adapted in the modern day styling. 

There is a real nostalgia in returning to the time of the authentically handmade pieces and there’s something truly special about knowing the design philosophy of the craftsmanship that made your product pouring in all the love and dedication. Beyond developing exclusive accessories for your home such as these vibrant quilted block printed cushion covers, the brand is also catering your fashion needs. The Indian Weave engages local artisans and craftsmen to create and curate unexpected, beautiful pieces of hand woven and embroidered scarves, stoles and shawls.

Trends come and go, but certain accessories accentuate the simplicity while being timeless. Injecting style, crowning with an amazing jewel like brass, never goes out of style. Bring your festive season aglow by blending these inherently perfect luxe décor accessories from the vintage collection of The Indian Weave.

At The Indian Weave, they bank on discovering the best designs & delivering quality products that exceed the expectation of those who buy and rely on their brand. Browse through their virtual website right here, to feast your eyes on the entire glamor dripping pieces. 
Mark the dates and take advantage of the low prices and shop to your heart’s delight…their 'Grand Diwali Sale' flash sale starting from September 15th to October 15th, it sure will be addicting.
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Signing out today's post thanking The Indian Weave for a wonderful giveaway and wishing all the very best for all future business ventures. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

And we welcomed Bappa......

The décor demon inside me is hard to tame when the festivity ranks supreme. This year also the spirit of the festivities has created quite a stir in our home, and as a result of that great fervor, a seized corner in our temple room is breathing elegance in the presence of our eco-friendly Ganesha
Traditional theme has been injected in every corner anchoring my brass pieces.  My artist daughter’s artwork as a backdrop does not only rivet the attention but also gives a powerful impact on this year’s setting.
The same set of Bandhani dupattas used for décor here and here are called in service to imbue more color and draw the eye. Don’t miss the frolicking troupe of ‘Ganeshas’ with brass diyas (that I used freely mixing unexpectedly) adding festive touch on the table.  And the garland adorning on the “bajoth” of ‘Ganesha’ is actually a “toran” (door garland) that adds a decorative tone on the setting.
The tall wooden Ganesha statue is graced in the center as a great impetus. The dark and soft color contrast make both idols stand out. In between the festivity chaos and complete madhouse, the traditional ladoo recipe has been dumped and new (an easy peasy) coconut ladoo recipe (stolen from YouTube) has taken care of his cravings.  

Few traditional, pretty and colorful decorating, relevant to the celebration has surprisingly created a spiritual ambience in our temple room. I love it especially when the lit up candles cast a warm glow in the room throughout our prayers.  From my end, I am leaving no stone unturned to please our darling little “Ganesha” this year :).

Up next on the blog is our first giveaway, stay glued on facebook page or Instagram feed so you don't miss out any details on the post or more decorating ventures. Until we meet again, toodles!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Gifted Ganesha collection!

As I write this absorbing all my energy, cannot stop thinking about faces with all smiles, spilling energy on the roads, and madness on the street welcoming Ganpati Bappa back home. Where all the festivities are zaniest best, and ‘Bappa’, with his gentle candid smile, standing in front of storm fan, ready  to be coddled for 10 days composed of worship, devotion and love. Alas, no matter how low our heart sunk thinking about the laudable festivities in India, we have upped the ante here by making our small eco-friendly ‘Ganesha’ at home for the festivities.

Our penchant for ‘Ganesha’ collection is well known not only for my blog readers but also to our friends and family. Knowing our special bond with this plumpy fella, our friends or family don’t have to stretch their thinking for any gift or souvenir to bring in our home…Ganeshji finds its way to our home inevitably. And these little gestures of overflowing gifts have turned our collection into unforgettable memories. 

To honour our memories, unlike last year's brass galorethis 'Ganesh Chaturthi', I have summed up few portraits of these ‘Gifted' Ganeshas.

The very first in the series is our Parijata yellow jade Ganesha in 18k gold polish, who came home from all the way Jaipur, India. Taking the center stage on our coffee table, he is placed here on a German silver plate (a family treasure piece) with floating flower petals and candles 
Next two pieces are from polyresin material. Even though, both are intricately moulded from the same material they both beg to differ with their posture and gesture. Prudently used bright colors adds the attraction on our 'Paghdi Bappa' and the warm glow from votive candle holders enhances the captivating charm.
Another ‘prized’ piece with minimalist colour tone, is mixed here with my brass. Editing and styling these pieces instead of cluttering them taking space in a corner, encourages long conversations when we have company. 

A vibrant Ganesha hugging Shiva lingam and holding Parvathi on one hand came home as a return gift on a house warming ceremony. These nostalgia wrapped pieces bring back many memories when they occasionally land on my coffee table.  When not in use, these pieces can be found in our temple room which is overlaid with such other gifted Ganeshas.

With our Golden Ganesha all the way from Sri Lanka, I took some outdoor styling freedom in the company of fall mums. My husband, who is busy circling around the globe, often comes home with gifts of such wonderful pieces which add elements of history in our collection. 
This divine marble Ganesha sitting on bajoth (Chawki) with studded kundan work is my personal favorite. You know I had to bring in the brass for my styling ;), so here is the smallest piece of our collection paired with my glimmering brass. He is a gift from one of my loving friend who doesn’t leave a chance in adding pieces in our collection whenever she comes across any new piece in the town :). 
The very same friend, who also fetched this ‘Nau Dhan’ (nine grains) Ganesha, to make sure I have a company in the kitchen.  Now he has been placed where he can watch over me as I cook away storm in the kitchen. Lord Ganesha here is hand moulded with 9 different types of pulse and grain by artisans of South India. 
Lastly, the very latest Ganesha from one of my husband’s colleague from India is concentrated here together with other yellow- green accessories. The quirky candle holder is also a gift we recently added in our collection from Mumbai.

I hope you equally enjoyed walking with me through the fields of memory as much as I enjoyed pitching in new ideas for styling few of the our buried down treasured collection.

Wrapping up today's post sending our warmest wishes to you and your family on this festive season of 'Ganesh Chaturthi'. Until we meet again, toodles! 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Eco-friendly Ganesha!

Ganesh Chaturthi, one of the most talked about festival, brings to mind joy, fervor, extra zeal, pomp and gaiety.  The festival has created quite a stir in our home as well and the thrill and delight in equal measure has propelled us into a festive mode.  
Just like last year, our daughter has rescued us this year also by carving out our own excellent ‘Bappa’ for the festivities. Moulded with her labor of love, he is ready to be surrounded by love throughout his stay and shower his blessings.


This year, we are celebrating with double the joy as with extra time on hand, she managed to make 2 idols :). Unlike last year’s bappa placed on a flower, this year, he will be taking his seat on a leaf.

There is definitely an appeal that adds allure to her handmade creations. It likewise also makes both of us happy to see her engaging herself in traditions.
We have left the polluting bandwagon of immersing our idol long back and now carrying out the most elaborated way to celebrate the festival.  The worshipped idol will be immersed in “kundi” or “urli” after the festivities and the water will be poured out in our own garden to feel his presence forever with us.
For those who want to "go-green" with this year's celebration, can use air-dry-clay from Michaels, which is sturdy and fits the bill perfectly for us to mould our idol. The easy to use and easy to smooth air-dry-clay softens with water and ideally flexible for variety of other sculptures as well. After drying the clay idol (about a day) she painted him with acrylic paint.
The excitement of “Ganesha’s” arrival is palpable and preparations are at the peak and hoping the same for those who celebrate the festival.  As I turn myself back on the festive mode, we will see you again next week with a post gargling about our unseen collection of “Gifted Ganesha”.  Until then stay connected on Facebook and Instagram, toodles!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

September - A Herald of Festivity!

As we step forward to September, it’s hard to believe that we are about to kiss goodbye to summer and welcome fall. As the beach vacations, road trips and cottage staying will fade in distance, life will be trapped back into a busy cycle by hitting the hay early. However, the tan on our skin and the memories we created this summer are adequately evident that we enjoyed summer to the fullest. Ignoring the look of displeasure we are also ready to pack the bag and send our older teenager for her university life again. We will miss her presence (which is loudly felt in the home) and her infectious smile which is unfazed.

With September we also march into festivities and our home is so ready for a grand affair with celebrations galore.  We are all set to make Ganpati Bappa’s grand presence felt in our home. Hope the coffee table arrangement here will exude the same vibe for you all :).
On top of my saccharine and syrupy stories of our "Gifted Ganesha" collection on the blog, this month first time ever we are also taking a different turn by hosting a wonderful ‘Giveaway’ in collaboration with our featured product segment. Further down the road, this month we also have a home tour which will leave a compelling impression on all the décor lovers.  
And our every year’s ritual has been followed this year as well. Our young lady in the house has created another eco-friendly Ganesha for this year’s celebrations. I will be unfolding the new 'avatar' of him on the blog tomorrow. Until then signing out hoping that my enthusiasm has rubbed off on you to bring on the festive mode. Make sure to keep yourself connected on Facebook and Instagram for more big and small decorating ideas, toodles!