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Royale Rama Home Tour - Part 2

After an impressive response to Part One of the home tour of Rama Royale (in case you missed it, click here), I am happy to present Part two of this breathtaking home, which show cases the formal living and dining areas. I am even more thrilled to let you know, that is a Part Three of this immaculate home where the home owners have share two more areas of their lovely home, the kitchen and Library. And before we move further, the Rama family and I would like to extend our gratitude to all our readers for the exceptional love and success of Part One!

So escape with me today into the lavish settings of Rama family’s living room and formal dining room, where graceful details are masterfully created with some unexpected and exquisite collection. And be prepared to hold on to your heart, for you will find that it skipped many beats by the end of this post! :)

Formal Living Room:    
Hand carved Teak Indonesian chairs and mirrors blend perfectly with the rest of the room
 A totally traditional and powerfully visual living room mirrors Paddy’s refined aesthetics of combining traditional and timeless themes. The room has a varied yet coherent mix of Indian and Asian artefacts, hand carved furniture and eclectic décor accessories interspersed beautifully to create a visually stunning space.

Brass hanging lamps are several years old collection
With a dazzling display of her eye popping collection, the room nods eloquently to the traditional emblem of a South Indian home. A brass finished coffee table exposes the modern sensibility in the room and paddy muses, “It was a lucky Craigslist find during the first year of our marriage that I refused to part with while moving from one city to another before we settled into our own home. What I absolutely love about this coffee table is that it holds my large Urli snugly under the glass top. I often have flowers floating around in the urli, along with some floating candles for almost all festivals and special occasions. The look is so mesmerizing and whimsical that I leave the table top bare and let the beauty underneath the glass show. This arrangement also keeps it safe and away from my ever curious kids, who love to pick the flowers and splash the water.”
Each collective piece is a seductive surprise.

Perky elegance is Paddy’s calling card and with the same motto, she opted for a curious combination of purple and orange in the living room, which is strong enough yet not over powering due to the neutral backdrop of the upholstery and the drapes. The Buddhist monk painting crowned above the sofa is done by the lady herself, who by the way is also a hobby artist. Incorporating pieces of her own art skillfully into the decor added another personal dimension to the prevailing aesthetics of her home. Speaking about this artwork she says - “I wanted a painting that coordinated with the Buddhist monks pillow on my sofa. I also wanted this painting in the orange and purple or plum shade which was hard to find and expensive to commission to so I went ahead and did it myself in Acrylic, with my own choice of pattern and colors. There are many versions and variations of this image out there by several sources/artists so I do not know who to give the credit for the original image.”

Driven by a natural afflatus, the lady has a sharp eye for dramatic pieces, a result of which some stunning items find their place in her home. The purple colored large Amethyst Geode the couple bought for their second wedding anniversary was a catalyst in selecting the color scheme in the room. The bronze Ardhanari statue, a gift from her mother that she placed inside this geode reveals her distinctive curatorial eye.

Another Indonesian mirror in the foyer is a garage sale find

The stylized amalgamation of colors, placement and arrangements in this room are to some extent guided by the Feng sui principles the lady follows. 

Close up look of her collection which whispers elegance in every corner.
Small Jharokas on the wall, enlivened corners, some more of her art and an expert use of lighting elicit sophistication and refinement on the other side of the same room. Paddy's smart use of ghungroos as tie backs for the drapes belt out her un-diminishable love for bells and she makes no bones about displaying her weakness for them.
Paddy's brass stands had my attention throughout, which she lugged all the way from India along with her tall oil lamps (kuthuvilaku).
With the soft glow emanating from various dramatically placed sources of light, evenings in this room cast an autumnal hue in regal grace. The thought of perching myself on the lovely furniture here in the dusky twilight and being surrounded with such gorgeous brass pieces, makes my heart sing :)
Formal Dining Room: 
Rama family’s dining room is nothing that you will see in regular furniture catalogs, showing collections that are beautiful, predictable, bland and impersonal. Instead, it is stunning, highly personalized, visually animated and unlike any other. They have gone lengths to put in their personal spin in this space and their zealous efforts show brilliantly in every square inch of this room! 

Phenomenally designed, meticulously executed and exceptionally curated, each and every object here adds an incomparable element of luxury to the room, where along with food; every guest is in for a picturesque treat. By far, this is my favorite room that very much reflects home owner’s explosion of imagination and creative confidence.

Many fascinating images of the room captured at different times
The couple manifested and updated this room brilliantly from what it was originally, when they bought it. The room had wall paneling covering three quarters of the wall on all sides which Paddy found not only drab looking but scope- less for any wall décor. She conceived the idea of stripping the walls of the paneling and building wall niches, within the first 10 minutes of first laying her eyes on this room.However, Paddy gives total credit to her better half for this statement wall. She gushes: "We could have outsourced the project of building niches into the wall to a contractor but my DIY loving civil Engineer husband wanted to do this himself, and he did! He removed the paneling on all four walls in this room, tore the wall to back to the studs and rebuilt it with the embedded niches just as I had designed it. It was a long laborious process that took 9-10 months but the end result was just as I envisioned and more. I painted the niches in terracotta red/orange shade. The choice of this color apart from Fengshui was to hold the flow of color theme between the rooms as well as our outdoor areas"
The tall Antique mirror, another serendipitous find by the couple superbly adds to the gasp-
inducing effect that this wall has, on everyone.
Ah, and that handsome mirror... I know you had your eyes on it ;) The story behind it is equally enticing. Paddy says: "Apart from niches, I also wanted a tall mirror on the same wall for Fengshui as well as aesthetic reasons. So I came up with a design of a tall mirror in the center of this wall and niches on either sides in a particular pattern. We waited until we found the perfect mirror before we set about creating the niches for the wall. It took me about an year to find the mirror I wanted. We found this by chance in a store that imports eclectic furniture from India and Indonesia. This too is made from an Antique south Indian Teak hand carved door frame like a few others I own, and it was love at first sight for both me and my husband. The color of this frame incidentally and miraculously matched our existing foyer cabinet (purchased elsewhere), that is placed right opposite to this wall in the entryway. It is like this piece was made for us and it found us somehow, as against us finding it!"
There is an aura of regality in air here, permeated with sparkles from the crystal chandelier, the
light fixtures and subtle shine from many brass artifacts.
For the formal dining table, the couple wanted a transitional style butcher block table. While Paddy was particular about the look and design, Paddy’s husband who hates regular powder wood furniture, was insistent on it being made of real hard wood and being extra wide. So after much scouting and hunting, the couple found a perfect French furniture designer locally, who exclusively makes custom dining tables. With the inputs and custom requirements from the couple, the furniture designer made a perfect hand carved, hand finished table which now entertains a good flow of guests when they have company.

The radiant niches display Paddy's many brass and bronze collection

The buffet / console cabinet that neatly hides all dining room necessities in this room, was purchased from another store that imports furniture from India and Indonesia. This teak, hand carved cabinet that was in natural lighter shade originally, was stained to match the dining table. 
A close up shot of Buddha vignette with a meditating Buddha statue and a Quan yin statue in a large brass planter.

Framed vintage brass artifacts bought from India.
Above the buffet cabinet are framed brass artifacts that Paddy got custom made in orange and green raw silk fabrics, to compliment the colors from the furniture and other objects in this room. The lady, who is near obsessed with the minutest detail of decor also had table runners and napkins custom made to go with the colors from these frames :).
A round up of an envious collection that adds much needed oomph in the room.
Her own buddha art, hanging bells, a mini bar, hand made pottery, antique brass pots. Not
to miss the old chakki she has used for making a mini bar, what a brilliant idea!

As you know by now that Paddy can never have enough of bells and in this room too, she has two hanging bells – one in wood and another in bronze. Also on the wall are two framed Buddha paintings by lady herself. On the other corner is a handmade pottery that she found locally, made by an Indian lady. Having an over flowing collection of vintage and antique brass pots, Paddy placed two of them on this clay pot and used the top one as planter to hold a succulent.
The table is a vision of royal grandeur, with her prized maharaja collection of Kansa dinner set
As grand as this room appears, it gets even more animated and dazzling on special occasions and festivals where Paddy steps it up a notch and serves a traditional meal on a kansa thali. The special table setting on these occasions with the sparkly gold and classy dinner ware on the magnificent table, with a back drop of the dramatic wall makes a visually stunning picture that is whimsical, elegant, glamorous and magnificent all at the same time.

The first visible room upon entry, this lively room appears to have its own heart beat!

All objects and furniture bought from different places at different times, in different styles, originating from different countries, co-exist perfectly in this room in a serendipitous harmony, making it a perfect place to gather and gossip with delicious food.  

As we traipse through this post, one can clearly view the home owner's innate skills and sharp acumen in shaping their home. Paddy take a bow from me for creating such a heavenly place fill with heart and soul.

And for you lovely peeps, as we conclude our part two, hop to part three showcasing rest of the room of this beautiful home. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles.

(Image Courtesy: Padmaja Rama. The pictures can not be used without a consent  from the home owners, however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account) 


  1. What a journey it was!:) this 2nd part of home tour is equally exciting like the first one.It is exquisite.Although, every single thing is a treat to watch in here, but Ihv my favourites sch as the coffee table n the buddha corner.Thnk u , Pinky, once again for this lovely treat��

    1. Thank you Honey :). Glad you enjoyed the home tour.

  2. Don't have enough eyes and words to savor this beautiful home. It is such a visual treat and shows homeowner's passion and dedication for home decor. This is what makes a house a lively and lovely home. Thank you for the author and the home owner to get this Royal home featured. I wish there is part 3,4 and on and on.

    1. Thank you Cassy, so happy to read your wonderful feedback. I also had to scratch my brain to pull out the perfect adjectives that would do justice to such wonderful home.

  3. Have to go through the whole post again to enjoy the attention to detail in every inch. can you throw some details about that wooden statue in your entrance. Thanks

    1. Thank you Cassy. The wooden statue is a Teak hand carved Teppanom statue, an Indonesian import that we bought from a retiring Antique collector. Appreciate your kind words! -paddy

  4. Its truly pains takingly presented ....wonderfull ....i am bowled...great.

  5. Falling in love with your home all over again, Paddy. Beautiful pics and very creative artwork. Looking forward to part 3 now

    1. Thank you :). Part three will not be long now!

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! Came here when a friend of mine was raving about this blog. This home is out of the world. What a treat to the eyes. Hats off to the home owner's passion and creativity.

    1. Thank you Sowmya for a wonderful comment. I am also happy to learn that your friend spread the word and sent you here :).

  7. Such a warm and lovely home. Everything reflects the love and attention paid to small details. I wish I could go to this lovely home and look closely at the paintings and pottery work.

  8. I have been a regular visitor to your blog and have truly enjoyed all the tours. Particularly liked this tour because it included the kitchen.Loved the organized kitchen shelves. I could relate to the reused baby food bottles - I re-used nutella bottles to store Tea, sugar and coffee :)

    1. Thank you Anu and so glad to read that you are a regular visitor here :). Yes, every nook and corner of Paddy's home is inspiring enough, hence I didn't want to miss out sharing her meticulously organized kitchen and pantry in part 3.

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  10. Amazing, I am late in commenting here Pinky but believe me have been waiting to find time to read this post which I was so looking forward to. Short of words to sum up this beauty Paddy has created!! Simply stunning. Now jumping on to part 3!! I am sure the best is stored for last. Well done on another awesome post and of course hats off to Paddy!!

    1. Better late than never Nupur ;). Love seeing you here and reading your heart warming comments, thank you so much.

  11. Where did you buy your sofa from? I like these style of seating. I am looking for same . Really appreciate if you can share

    1. Tips, thank you. I bought it from a local vendor who imports hand made furniture from Bali. You could check in your location for Asian furniture perhaps. Thanks!

  12. Voww!! That is a beautiful home you have there!! Can you tell me how and where you can get such brass artifacts custom framed ? Thanks so much !!


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