Friday, March 1, 2019

Sticking With The Classics (Home Tour of Nikeeta Deshpande)

Be it old or new,  brass has undeniable star power. Shiny and new, it dazzles, commanding attention and if inserted properly in décor, it manages to hold the limelight indefinitely. I feel elated when I see young family instead hoping for the new fad, prefers and sticks to be with classic and finds their own truth in their roots without letting the norms of décor dictate it to them. 
Tucked away amidst the hurly-burly of busy Mumbai life is our today’s home owners Rohan & Nikeeta Deshpande’s brass loving cozy cocoon. The couple has tailored timeless space in their 800sq ft high-rise apartment in the Western suburbs of Mumbai by fashioning a more traditional envelope with old school colonial furniture details. 
Meet Nikeeta, a Vastu Shastra consultant by profession who has created her nest with a deep mind of comfort being surrounded by things that stirs her emotionally. Her leisure hours are spent tending time to her home and garden. Nikeeta also loves trying out new cuisines be it “desi” or “videsi” but only after decently spending time with her toddler. However, baring her heart out Nikeeta confesses that, as much as we unfold the joy and drama of his sparkly eyes and sweet smile, the frustrating zen of cleaning with a toddler always continues. Nonetheless Nikeeta, we must applaud your efforts for keeping the decorating wheels turning with your two years old.
Nikeeta also declares a weighty statement being thankful for her better half, who encourages her ideas with blind faith, nurtures her need of his presence despite of his busy software career and fuels her creative spirit by accompanying her to exhibitions, shops and flea markets.
Limited spaces certainly bring out the best creativity. Injecting an eclectic mix with some thrown in homemade character, Nikeeta’s foyer strengthens the point of focus. Being an avid ceramics fan, Nikeeta had started collecting ceramic knobs without any thoughts on their use. Keeping it sane, while going adventurous with their use, Nikeeta gave a fashion forward fix to those knobs and custom made the entry table with their use. Recalling the sources of their collection she coins: “They are from roadside stalls in Rajasthan, Chor Bazaar, Amazon India, and from ethnic stores in malls.
You may not feel the hidden depth in her décor but that impression goes for a toss when you move further down. A killer combination of jaw-dropping colonial style chettinad teak furniture and a dedicated collection of antique finds enhance the couple’s living space. Without being buried in whatever trend tolerance, Nikeeta follows her heart. Every piece be it furniture or an accessory has been picked and placed with versatility in mind. The colonial style teak wood furniture is purchased from handicrafts exhibition. The furniture pieces are designed by a pro craftsman from Delhi named Khalil-Ur-Rehman, who is also national award winner for his designs influenced by the antique style. 

The sense of history is very much alive in her décor with an affinity for traditional décor and unrelenting passion for the past. Her décor choices reflect new age vibe with old world sensibility. In Nikeeta’s words: “Most of the brass pieces are collected over the years. Some of them are our travel finds. They are mainly sourced from Tulsi Baug, Pune. Some are purchased from the handicraft exhibitions. Some are bought by weight from the kabadiwala. Few received by my mom when we got married. With the brimming collection of brass, I often get questions volleyed to me about the maintenance. Preserving the shine and sparkle is a herculean task and it requires a lot of muscle power to scrub and clean but once I place them around the home, I find all worth the effort :)". You sound so typical me, Nikeeta. The pleasure of gazing at shiny and sparkly brass is beyond measure ;).
When you have a wall that woes, the rest of the room doesn’t have to work as hard. Consistent style is carried forward in the rest of the corners also. Every wall in her pad is overflowing with a multitude of beautiful things. She has displayed and dotted her proud collection meticulously without bearing a hiccup.  
Her home is her self-expression but her huger for antiques and brass is often fed by her mom and mom-in-law who have been always very generous in giving her creativity a boost. The boat here is from Kerala. Center big plate is from turkey, the identical plates are gifts from her in-laws from their Europe trip & there's a Jaipur blue pottery plate. Rest are DIY’s and homemade with mosaic. 
When it comes to house plants Nikeeta doesn’t shy away going big and dotting them in every corner and every vignette. Her envious plant collection is a big fat eye roll for me who struggles to survive them with our colder temperatures. Nikeeta sums up the reason proudly: "We live in a city where fresh air being scarce, we have created our own green oasis. All my balconies are filled with plants, predominantly the air purifying varieties. We use homemade compost to feed our plants.  I'm happy that our house creates almost zero kitchen waste. Composting is a habit we all should adopt in order to save our mother earth and make her a better place for the future generations.” Such a great gesture Nikeeta.
Being so passionate about her home, Nikeeta finds maintaining her home is an easy task. She does not outsource any help and happily chirps: "I'm the Maid, Mali and Malkin of our home". 
Plants add sensory appeal to her cohesive and connected collection. Carved from a single piece of wood, Buddha wood plaque is from Thailand.  Splashed with juicy colors and infused with a hint of earthen tones her kitchen corner is a visual treat.
Necessity is not always the mother of invention- sometimes its innovation and creativity that lurk behind too. A firm believer in reuse and recycle, Nikeeta’s mosaic art on birdhouses is made from using old CDs. Those dragon flies are characters from my toddler's books while the planters on the wall deliver an unexpected flush of color. 

With right formulas of traditional décor and combinations of antique heirlooms Nikeeta has won to design her space with great confidence and originality. As we wrap up this tour on the blog, I would like to thank you Nikeeta for graciously allowing us to peek into your beautiful home. You have elegantly appointed interiors in traditional tone. Wishing you and your family lots of love, luck and happiness, today and always. 

Until we meet again dear readers, stay connected and keep decorating, toodles! 

(Images are taken by Nikeeta. Please do not use the images without the prior written permission of the home owner and Pinkz Passion however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account) 


  1. Simply every single piece of decor, every corner, all the walls of ur house the antique wooden furnitures, the miniature terracotta pots in ur kitchen with those colorful glass jars...the brass dasavatharam on the wall, the mirror. Ur birdhouses garden and what the way u have decorated, maintained and organized ur house.....thanks a lot Pinky for ur post

    1. I second your every word for Nikeeta's choice of décor, thank you for appreciating.

  2. The house decor has a traditional feel with the brass décor antiques and classic wooden furniture designs. Such a well maintained and well balanced house it looks with paying attention to all the corners and walls. Also, not to ignore the lovely indoor plants. Your house is beautiful!

  3. Deepika GaneshanMarch 4, 2019 at 9:30 AM

    I love the balcony decor! Gives us much needed optimism in this weather

    1. Along with her balcony décor, her greens indoor also has my heart. Thank you for stopping by Dee. Much love.

  4. Wow!! It’s beautiful!! Love each n everything... outdoor n indoor both look amazing...very classy n elegant!! Just love it:)

    1. Thank you Swapna for stopping by to appreciate this home tour :).

  5. Superb House and Decoration. Lovely each and everything. superb decorative items.