Friday, February 6, 2015

Ganesha...joining me to wish you a happy weekend!

Do you ever get that anticipation or excitement for Friday? I do..all the time, and I have seen many expressing that excitement with the help of that lingo also: TGIF. We have a big deal about Fridays and why not, after a whole week's grind we get 2 solid days to de-stress and revive.  I am one of those who like to complete the chores the day before the weekend so I can allow myself to enjoy the pleasure of rest of  the two full days.  

This week was bit harsh for us Torontonians as we had a first blast of winter this year! The bruiser that hit Monday left an extra day off for schools but at the same time it was a hard commute on roads and of course tons and tons of shoveling the snow. We often see these storms our way but this year we were lucky to have many bonus warm days and shouldn't complain.

So, here are my weekend wishes for you all with my proud possession of Ganesha. I took them out on a tour from their usual display, to accompany us on our weekend, and placed on my coffee table.

The "paghdi"(crown) on his head and "trishul"(trident) on forehead doubles the divine and jolly good look  
Lately, I have spotted many different versions of turquoise blue and red colored brass statues on net. Not only Ganesha, there are Buddha, Krishna and many more deities being viral in this form. Being an inquisitive person, thought to learn more about these collectibles, but couldn't dig much out. All I could find is what we see, red and turquoise colored stones are affixed to the brass statues. It sure made me wonder if they are actually made with genuine turquoise, as turquoise is prized as a gem.

The new Ganesha came to bless our home this "Ganesh Chaturthi".   
This is a new addition in our home. When I had first glance on this one, couldn't figure out the gesture of the statue but later learned that he is holding the "The Bhagavad-Gita"(Holy book for Hindu) which he agreed to write down on the request of Vedavyasa. I must credit Aj for his keen eye to seek for an absolute stunning pieces of Ganesha for our home.

Did I mention that all the pieces collected over the years are utter finds of Aj. Entire collection of our home is thanks to him and his travel to distance parts of the world, where he is always on a hunt for new Ganesha waiting to be added to our collection. Well, he sure has a knack of making me happy and fortunate. 

I can go on venting my lovely tales of Ganesha but will weave some more stories later and for now signing out wishing you all a happy weekend. Until we meet again, toodles!

(Images: My home)

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