Thursday, August 27, 2015 around with your memories

I had briefed in my one of the earlier post "Down the memory lane" about my love of savouring the memories via tangible photographs. Today’s post is about my fervent art persona. Way before entering the blog world, my hands were fully dabbled in other crafts and hobbies.  

Jumping off to the point and on today’s post of scrap booking. The concept may be familiar to many of you. Scrap booking is a book; carving your own memories. Pictures can pill over the time but not memories. Stories of our family life grow and change through years and as an era pass by, they appear way too far than your known reach of memory. Scrap booking opens up a stream of variety to record your family’s ever describing family saga. 

My first foray in scrap booking started with my artistic daughter, when she was preparing one for her school project. I have been big on printing pictures for as long as I can remember, but this was something fresh to me. My daughter plays a large part in shaping my aesthetic as well my approach to scrap booking. 
Instead of having photos on CD’s or any other multimedia device that no one will ever get sight of. Creating scrapbooks can be a brilliant way to form a tradition where your children would be delighted to take a glimpse into the memories they have created in our life.  
In today’s fast paced world, life goes by so fast and memories tend to fade away. Scrap booking helps you preserve these special memories. In fact, this is the primary reason why you should scrapbook. It allows you to keep special moments alive and gives you physical keepsakes of experiences, people, emotions, smiles and places.
Don’t let memories of those great trips fragmented across on a CD, or phone or lying around in a hidden corner,create a travel journal with all the keepsakes and transcript by pulling them all together so you could leisurely leaf through and live through the trip again. Crave out some extra space and tame the clutter on your phone pictures by giving them a new form of scrap booking.

Those who know me personally well; they know how affectionate I am about real photographs. They have flipped pages of my photo albums many times and have been also enforced to appreciate jam packed books of memories.

The key purpose of my formation is to keep those special moments alive. A creative freedom and outlet to keep your inner artist alive. 

So, what are we waiting for, let those creative juices flow and spill over your stories of few chuckles of children, the world legendary monuments you visited, old friends and close family you met and experienced a new lifestyle throughout the journey. Hope this inspirational post about scrap booking helps you discover the artist within you. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!


  1. nice to read. Inspiriting and showing a new window for creativity