Wednesday, September 7, 2016

And we welcomed Bappa......

The décor demon inside me is hard to tame when the festivity ranks supreme. This year also the spirit of the festivities has created quite a stir in our home, and as a result of that great fervor, a seized corner in our temple room is breathing elegance in the presence of our eco-friendly Ganesha
Traditional theme has been injected in every corner anchoring my brass pieces.  My artist daughter’s artwork as a backdrop does not only rivet the attention but also gives a powerful impact on this year’s setting.
The same set of Bandhani dupattas used for décor here and here are called in service to imbue more color and draw the eye. Don’t miss the frolicking troupe of ‘Ganeshas’ with brass diyas (that I used freely mixing unexpectedly) adding festive touch on the table.  And the garland adorning on the “bajoth” of ‘Ganesha’ is actually a “toran” (door garland) that adds a decorative tone on the setting.
The tall wooden Ganesha statue is graced in the center as a great impetus. The dark and soft color contrast make both idols stand out. In between the festivity chaos and complete madhouse, the traditional ladoo recipe has been dumped and new (an easy peasy) coconut ladoo recipe (stolen from YouTube) has taken care of his cravings.  

Few traditional, pretty and colorful decorating, relevant to the celebration has surprisingly created a spiritual ambience in our temple room. I love it especially when the lit up candles cast a warm glow in the room throughout our prayers.  From my end, I am leaving no stone unturned to please our darling little “Ganesha” this year :).

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