Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Valentine.....

Okay, folks, so here is a post after looooong. Trust me, I have been struggling to get back in the blogging groove after our recent trip to India. Every morning (even after three weeks) I pinch myself, rub my eyes and shout out am I really back ;(. Moreover, the frigid cold weather blanketed more than 15 cm of snow in Toronto this weekend to bruise my already wounded spirit. For now I have funneled all the pain and here with you all to talk about love . 

Though I have shared inspiring enough posts on V-day here and here in past years, this year I am sharing something personal that I thought is cute enough to broach the topic lovingly. 
Valentine’s Day is never anything extravagant except a day for us to celebrate our love for one another, a day to celebrate the time, past and present after spending two decades together. Yes, we 'the oldy-goldy' celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in December and today's small post is about our small celebration we did to celebrate our togetherness. Though now after twenty years, we need something different to feel intoxicated and that's a complete different story ;). 
The party took place without breaking any bank in our newly finished basement and with the company of all loving close friends. (The whole celebration was a surprise and I had to churn it out in the small span of 2 hours.) Simplest, playful and practical pieces were given unusual touches apt for the celebrations. Tissue paper flowers and candles were perfectly paired in sync with the theme. For some personalized touches; Treasured memories of our life captured in photographs were displayed in giant frames. To throw in some laughter funny "Somee cards" were replaced in old frames. Personalized water bottles for all guests are “Pinkz” specialty for any big or small events at our home. Shadow box displayed some serious calculations of our overall math of 20 years.

And here I am with my ol’ pal, a fellow mischief maker and a husband….sending cheers for all those couples who always find ways to rekindle their love after soothing rhythm of many years of friendship.

And lastly I am thankful that we have Instagram and Facebook where we could stay connected (when you don’t find me here) for our social media soaked regular days. I will be back soon as I have lot to share and show. Until we meet again enjoy your V-Day. Stay connected, toodles!


  1. So glad to see you back here Pinkz! This post was much overdue and you couldnt have chosen a better day than V'Day! Loving all the simple arrangements you have pulled together here to make this special day of yours memorable. BTW looking forward to see more from your haul from your recent trips��

  2. Thank you Nupur. The new pieces are slowly taking their place in our home. Will hopefully share them soon on blog front.