Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Marvels of a bygone era (Prakalyam Gallery)

A lifelong obsession with antiques and natural affinity of a bygone era resulted into a recipe of a healthy business for Veshali Visvanaath. With cultivated taste and deep passion, Veshali is spreading her love of authentic and genuine antique collection far and wide through her online venture - Prakalyam gallery- one stop stomping ground for handmade antiques and colonial furniture hunters in Singapore and beyond.
When I found myself unapologetically glued on the collection of antiques and colonial furniture on Prakalyam Gallery online, I knew at an instant that it has a script-worthy story to share with my readers.

Nestled in the protective arms of Veshali, Prakalyam Gallery is an opulent place dripping with riches of antique collection that echoes India’s expertise and artistic excellence of master craftsmanship in colonial past. With chiseled to perfection pieces Prakalyam Gallery is creating a stir with their glam collection of wooden furniture, antique silver, glass and other artefacts. Each of these unusually exclusive pieces are a fusion of Indian craftsmanship and the styles of an olden colonial era.
It was a different ballgame when Veshali was hunting antiques for her home, but when the shopping game gone overboard for her home; Veshali translated her years of experience of curating antiques in steering a business empire of Prakalyam gallery. Though the name ‘Prakalyam’ may sound a bit challenging to pronounce, it has the perfect meaning and essence of what Veshali was looking for. It is a Sanskrit word which denotes “all things beautiful”. The word is an amalgamation of two Hindi words...pracchin and kaal which literally means ancient times.  
Accomplishments and accolades come at an easy trot for Veshali in a short span of three years.  A desi soul and a lover of simplest things, Veshali innovates with an eye to what is meaningful in her client’s beautiful homes. When it comes to products, Prakalyam is committed to suffusing its gallery with the most genuine antiques. Each piece has gone through intelligent and deliberate design process under Veshali’s supervision and care. Veshali is steadfast and has a clear blueprint of what Prakalyam Gallery should provide. With an eye for antiques and her addiction to hunt, Veshali is keen to rethink the very essence of what she puts in the gallery. Veshali personally goes through the grind of endorsing every unusual and rare piece for the gallery from India. Important pieces in the gallery are secured through auctions and personal contacts of Veshali. Keeping the line of design close to the colonial era, off lately, Veshali is also bringing a few reproductions upon request. Veshali’s business breaths on –“Being true to everything I do”.  As she firmly believes that the only thing she is answerable is her own conscience. No wonder, the uniqueness in Prakalyam brand is an expression of Veshali’s individuality and personality that has begun to cast a major influence for anyone who loves to blend classy and exclusive pieces in their homes.Prakalyam has prospered in keeping the spectacle and marvels of Indian era alive through their gallery. As we sign off, wishing Prakalyam all the very best for all future accomplishments. Do take a trip down the nostalgic lanes of a long-gone era by visiting the gallery of Prakalyam here. Follow along Prakalyam gallery on Instagram here and Facebook page here. If you ever step your feet in Singapore or you live there to drop in the physical store of Prakalyam by appointment.

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(Image Courtesy: Prakalyam Gallery. The pictures can not be used without a consent  from the store owners, however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account) 

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