Thursday, June 29, 2017

Modest Size Living (Home Tour of Gayatri Singh)

Mingling countries, cultural art and traditional artefacts live far larger than square footage of the home in our today’s home tour. The pretty pad of Gayatri Singh, nestled against the structural skylines of Singapore, is both inspiring and interesting in equal measure.  
Gayatri, a professionally trained chef and a culinary composer throws the doors of her home open for us today. She titles her personal d├ęcor style as very vintage and Asian with a touch of Indian element. Her graceful apartment in Singapore (where she just moved after living in Tokyo for 9 long years) is a proof of the broadening effects of her travel. If I need to, I can vouch on her abiding love of travel because when we started conversing about this home tour she was in Singapore. Our next chat we had in Tokyo and then in Bali and last recent one in India in a short span of weeks. 

It may just take a quick glance around Gayatri’s bright apartment to work out where her passions and interests lie. Her earliest interest was laid in cooking and following that she pursued her education towards that. She may have decided to dedicate herself to the food industry but the interior design enthusiast didn't take long to discover her growing appetite for interiors also.  

Being a seasoned traveller her source of inspiration differs to each of her travel destination. And as we can see, those inspirations are manifested uniquely in each corner of her home. Chinese king statues here are dotted with many other unpredictable mix of objects. An eye catching large smiling Buddha frame is positioned perfectly in the middle to bounce off his calmness all over the room. 
Most of the pieces of her decor allude to the trips Gayatri has taken. Just like this hanging tapestry from Japan called obi (a kimono belt made out of silk) depicts the scenes of a Japanese king and queen sitting under the tree. Keenly aware of the modest size living, she also has some inciting inventions and creative solutions thrown in her decor just like this piece of a ladder where she hung a brass diya. It surely exemplifies interesting yet effortless way to brighten the wall.                          
Carefree mix of style like contemporary art, modern settings, classic travel finds and traditional pieces are keeping the open concept dining and living rooms alive. Large dining space is essential enough for Gayatri who is an avid cook and loves hosting parties.
Gayatri owns quite a collection of some intriguing objects, while her petite brass pieces spark a dressy note in different corners of the home.
The comfort can be sensed in the air as soon as you walk in Gayatri’s living area. Solid fabric and simple patterns are chosen along with few accent pieces that make perfect sense for a young couple’s life. Adjoining balcony is enlarging the visual living space. Whether the occasion is a spontaneous movie night or a restful read of a good book, their living room facilitates lingering and happy times.

Arresting Asian charm, global sensibility and admiration for Indian details makes her home visually appealing. Her home is decorated in her signature and relaxed but refined style where very nook and wall is infused with a story and memory that richly reveal her vibrant creative flair. 
Few more well-edited vignettes around the home keeps the space engaging and alive.
When it comes to hosting, Gayatri is a natural. Evenings with lavish table and teaming it with the finest food is Gayatri's forte. Fond of cooking and hosting Gayatri prepares and serves delicious food without breaking a sweat at any party hosted at home. Images here from her previous gatherings remark how efficiently she composes soiree for every guest to remember.

Food savvy Gayatri also has a loyal following among the other cooking aficionados on her Instagram account. Do check out her visually arresting pictures and soulful recipes here.

As we seal today's home tour, I heartily thank Gayatri for letting us peek in her beautiful apartment. Wishing you and your family all the very best of the world Gayatri. 

And for you my lovely readers, until we meet again, stay connected, toodles! 


  1. Great tour Pinky! The home of Gayatri is very elegantly decorated. Love the blend of traditional and modern decor! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. Such a nice collection it is, it is like ultra luxury home decor blog.

  3. Beautiful home tour Pinky. Enjoyed reading it.

  4. Thank you everyone for stopping by to share wonderful feedback. Always a pleasure to hear back from you all.