Friday, August 25, 2017

Festive Mode is on - Ganesha Chaturthi 2017

The festive season is upon us and I feel it is the best way to recharge and feel rejuvenated. Festivals give us a chance to debunk the suffering of our stereotype lives and enjoy the unapologetic and non-guilty pleasures of celebration.
Nevertheless, this year with our recently ended road trip and schools re-opening in a week, punishing schedules has begun to take toll on me and with that our home is an absolute madhouse.  Still the temptation to welcome 'Bappa' with all the grandeur is as strong as Fevicol adhesive :). After all, festivals are all about forgetting our worries and celebrate the positive side of life which also includes finding the time to do all your favorite things! And as you all know my favorite thing is to ignite a new romance and unfold new décor stories at the herald of any festival.
The one whose arrival has captured the social media, many homes and many hearts this festive season also is our rotund and plump bellied fella, Ganesha. Whose love runs in our genes and in our collection being the soul of our home. On this pious festival of "Ganesh Chaturthi", presenting few rare pieces of grand antiques from our collection that resonate with history. At the same time, they echo our sense of pride being a passionate collector of such gems. 
The very first in the antique series is "Sitar playing Ganesha" paired here with the rest of the antiques. My everyday gold brass is scrubbed and shined especially for the festive season. The brass water jug and small 'lota' housing flowers are recent loots from an antique dealer this summer. I personally think, these rare pieces keep us plugged in the past and surround ourselves with nostalgia and history. 
Next is an intricately carved brass hanging diya..which is quite heavy to hang. I have proudly displayed it here with all the bumps and knocks it came with. Every time I call these antiques in service, my husband wonderfully smug about collecting them all with his discerned eye, I let him take the credit of adding them to our collection ;), but it is me, who feel contented to bring out the best of them by displaying them in the nooks and corners of our home.
Whatever the festival it is, make-overs on my consoles and coffee table are part of my decorating DNA. Placed on my console here, the chubby little deity 'Bal-Ganesha', is my absolute favorite. Festivals are the best reason to bring out those hidden gems and scatter these treasured pieces into dead spaces. However, this Ganesha doesn't take turns often on my social media because keeping him clean is a herculean task. Though, this year, my son offered his hands for shining these beauties. His thoughtful and appreciative gesture revealed that festival values are being instilled in him firmly without being said.
And for the last of the series, I am ending with antique duo of Ganesha with more brass (is there a such thing as too much brass? Not for me!). Each of our pieces are distinct and have an individuality and character of its own. Multitude of such brass items can bring a buzz on the coffee table with ease.   

All this antique pieces are hunted and acquired from different antique dealers who have sourced these pieces directly from the destruction of palaces and temples, hence the exact era and age of these pieces are unknown. We feel proud to own and display these pieces from history in our collection which are hard to find in current market for owning. 

And before I wrap up this post, it hit me that you, my dear reader, might not know that these stunning but simple vignettes this year are created with the flowers from our tiny garden. With every bloom, I have leaped and whirled in one of those dances to see these babies and my green thumb grow ;).

Signing out wishing that may this festival of faith and joy bring the prosperity and happiness in you and your family. Happy Ganesha Chaturthi, enjoy the festivities until we meet again, toodles. 


  1. I stumbled upon your blog via pinterest. I am into am brass collection. Would you mind advising where can we buy these artifacts from. The flower containers, lamps and the idols. Thank You

  2. I am very new to your blog. Your home is very beautiful.