Friday, October 27, 2017

Diwali Party entwined with South Indian Theme

Diwali is gone but the afterglow remains. I am one of those who are unabashedly into the festivals and striving throughout the year for it. Since we are done with Diwali this year my brain has started making the leaps for “what’s next?” Though for now, I am still unwrapping myself from all the festive hustle and bustle. 
On the other hand, we still have lined up Diwali parties that I am looking forward to enjoy. Since I read many of my readers are also in the same phase of parties after Diwali, thought to share few frames from our this year’s Diwali party. Given a chance I am always ready to set the stage for hospitality. Since Diwali was clued in with our south Indian themed potluck party at home, it was quite easy for me to execute.  
Generously wide sitting area on our bay window in our walk-out basement is just right for a quite chat or solitary read as the bank of windows wash the space with bright light from outside. But I had better plans to use this space ;). The corner now acts as a center table and is a platform of my creativity. It now helps me add my personal touch and I play around for any party or special occasion by changing the look every time differently. I have planned my fair share of parties here and have become quite the hostess if I say so myself ;).
With all the hues closely related in bright background of classic marigolds, the scene automatically supports a mix of traditional and south Indian touch. Since we reside in a country where yearly flow of marigolds is quite impossible, I decided to gift myself these strings from India. Hubs dear, who often circles around the globe, bought them home right in time before Diwali. Trust me, having a supportive husband is a huge boon. With 'décor' being a shared passion of both of us, it is quite easy for me to convenience him to put up with my décor tantrums ;).
For Diwali dressing, style choices are myriad, what ever bling you throw in or you have in home will greatly influence the overall ambience. Superlative lose their luster when it comes to my brass and I know my friends have a major meltdown every time they appear in any of my parties. Hence, I didn't shy away to scatter them fully with some Diwali diyas for some pretty flickering flames. Though, most of the pieces here are heirlooms and antique store finds. The jug housing flowers is a real charmer that came home for only $6 from an antique dealer this summer.
Not only the décor was a stunning sight for my clamoring crowd  to take a selfie but our South Indian menu (Idli-Sambhar, Vada-Sambhar) and attire were equally enticing. Ending the post with the picture of 'us' donning the 'South Indian' look. Oh yes, 'jhumkis', 'gajara', 'bindi' 'bali', I took care of every tiny detail while dressing but I think hubs dear especially rocked the South Indian attire in 'veshti', what say? Along with 'Jimikki Kamal' dance moves and few playful games we ended our perfect soiree.  
Hope you can jot down few notes of inspiration from here for your Diwali party , either this year or next year. Until we meet again, stay connected on my Facebook page or Instagram feed for more décor ideas. You all have a wonderful weekend, toodles!  


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