Thursday, December 7, 2017

Stylish and Edgy with a Touch of Tradition (Parikh's Home Tour)

There is something intrinsically pleasing about today’s post. Unlike our traditional home tours, this beautiful and opulent home tour will raise the spirits of contemporary and traditional lovers. Come along to a very stylish and edgy home tour of a power couple who are popularly known for their diverse design sensibilities and who love to be in the presence of beautiful ambience. While carefully and tastefully decorating their home, they have won to keep the elegance and simplicity with a touch of tradition. 
A wall decal in the family's kitchen
Keeping it sane while getting adventurous with bold color combinations and quirky accessories, this fashion forward home of Kishan & Sejal Parikh perfectly captures couple's charming qualities and One-Of-A-Kind décor style.    
Kishan, a technophile IT professional, has dotted geek gadgets throughout the home (There is a home automation (smart home) done through music system and Alexa  
App, which can play the music the family wants as well as controls smart lights and thermostat - freaky isn't it?) and Sejal an ambitious corporate lady and a glamorous diva, who thinks outside the blueprint and maps out every detail when it comes to peaceful & pleasing decor that couple envisioned for their home! The empty nesters whose son is now in university are enjoying their new phase of life with a positive outlook.  
Parikh's excelled at the shopping part and have ordered custom pieces throughout the home. Standard furniture or accessory wasn't their suit, instead they settled in for impeccable materials that created quirky vibes to style their space. And one can definitely nod in agreement when they land to this chic, urban entry way dotted with a modern setting. The eye-catching pedestal and bright chandelier bring a bit of subtle sophistication and striking appeal to the entrance of the home.
Monochromatic color schemes might sound the easiest palette to execute, yet it can be so challenging to get it right. With muted tones of bold and brilliant color duo of black and white, the couple opted to go with a color combination that is always hip and works well with any theme. As told by the duo: "We remember the origin to this idea was a visit to a model home setup at one of the home shows we attended years and years ago. The first project therefore turned out to be the family room with a black and white theme. Numerous visits to furniture shops resulted in us acquiring the main furniture anchor pieces in both black and white - a set of trendy black and white chairs, a white Italian leather Daybed, a majestic white quartz top bay window sitting area and a matching carpet with a futuristic high gloss center table complete the look. The smaller decor pieces keep on arriving as and when we find them. Circulating these keeps this room fresh, dynamic and agile."
Totally, the soft washed family room is a place where one can feed all your senses, enjoy the touch of textures and visual treat of favorite art pieces of the family. With plenty of comfortable seating the space is perfect for solo brainstorming or entertaining a crowd of people. To maximize the sitting area the custom-made bay-window is included in design scheme which makes the beautiful planted backyard part of the room from giant windows, where they convene, entertain and enjoy each other.
After playing with absolutely fail-safe black and white combo, the couple let their imagination run riot with the most brazen hues in the living room. It is drummed into us that color is the greatest way to convey personality and this room without a fail is a fabulous reflection of couple’s style where there was no fear of big bright splatter of color and playful prints. Totally opposite adroit mix of vibrant tangerine and green apple imbues the room with energy while making it a juicy conversation zone for their guests.
What the couple has to say about this room: "We went all out and took the boldest route. Intense internet browsing sessions followed to identify the combination. We zeroed in on an orange and green combination - one high on the boldness scale! A living room does not give as much flexibility in decorating options as a family room. The approach was cautiously bold. We decided to bring in the walls before we proceed on to the furniture and wall art.  The wall when colored gave an A+ look. That brought us the confidence to match the color of the furniture pieces to that of the wall." and oh boy, modern they went!  The bold C-shaped ouches are entirely made-to-order befitting the space requirements of the room. Small visual echoes - such as the graphic rug, abstract art work and the black accent wall ties the room together and makes the look perfectly balanced instead of overwhelming. By mixing the hot hues of vibrant tangerine and apple green with taming neutrals like grey and black gives this room an entirely new spin. Captivating natural black accent wall with stones is an immediate eye catcher. With accent lights overhead the charming wall creates an enchanting effect at night. 

A thoughtful evaluation process has helped the home owners to hone the game plan of their kitchen. Their kitchen is a hefty financial investment where they put their own stamp and design including the flushed in refrigerator and dishwasher. As they coined out about their fuss-free, minimalist and chic kitchen : “Both of us also love a modern style of decor which you will find as a constant across our home and lives. A bunch of ideas in the kitchen here also came from what we missed in our previous home’s kitchen”.
The strikingly clean and undeniably stylish kitchen at Parikh’s does not play a role for the preparation and dishing up of food but this place is amalgamated into a multipurpose zone. The island offers an extra ordinary chance to make a spectacular statement. Parikh’s are the confident hosts and love to entertain friends with their culinary activities.Consistent modern style of decor is carried forward in most of the rooms except their temple room where they let their Indian traditional roots to take over their modern perspective. As told by the couple:"Taking time out to tastefully decorate is a challenge in our highly engaged lives. However, we do not compromise on quality or the outcome. Projects are taken up one at a time to do proper justice and obtain full satisfaction be it a kitchen, a backyard, prayer room, family room or the living room. We like to be bold and trendsetting.” 
Trendsetters indeed! A Meticulously adorned temple room of Parikh's is a visual treat with devotional art and geometric patterns on the wall. The ever enchanting effigy of “Lord Krishna’ is transported via courier from India especially for the temple room.  Sharp features and sweet smile on this figurine makes one completely mesmerizing. The couple treasured those kutchhi embroidered pieces that once belonged to their parents and framed them to keep as a memory. The altar where the ‘murti’ is placed is a DIY weekend project that couple took over. Not settling for anything usual, the couple decided to make-over this corner with few clever touches on a simple IKEA TV table. With the help of white sheer drapes and red backdrop they won to create a perfect temple like ambience in the room.

As I am concluding the post, anyone can easily belt out that the home owners are high performers when it comes to home decor; their wild working lifestyle didn’t put them away from achieving a warm and inviting space that says ‘Welcome Home’ every time anyone walks in the door. Thank you Parikh's for opening your home and heart for us. Wishing the family all the very best of the world.

I am pleased to be launching this unique and modern home tour on the blog that’s been in the works and kicking around my mind for months now, hope you all my readers enjoyed it as much as I had fun putting it together, until we meet again, have a great rest of the week, toodles!

(Images are taken by Pinkz. Please do not use the images without the prior written permission of the home owner and Pinkz Passion however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account) 


  1. Absolutely loved the modern vibes of this house <3 :D

  2. Excellent Blog!100% in agreement of what you said about Sejal and Kishan's modern home! No one can describe it better than you!

  3. Thank you ladies for stopping by, glad to read that you enjoyed the home tour :).

  4. Hi pinkzpassion,
    Absolutely loved parikh home.
    Could you please do me a favour as we are in the process of constructing the house if you don't mind could you pls tell me kitchen cabinets color and flooring of parikhs home? That would help me in my process.

    1. So glad you enjoyed the home tour. Here are the answers to your queries as provided by Kishan Parikh.
      Kitchen floor Tile: Carisma Grigio Porcelain 18X18,
      Kitchen cabinets: Maple Espresso,
      Hardwood flooring: Maple Godiva 3-1/4 inch.
      Hope this helps.