Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Home - My Pride (Front Porch)

Our ordinary porch turns into summer's hottest hanging out space during the season. Its actually an easy going, welcoming and a comfortable live-able space which makes us want to spend more time outside. Here is the mini tour for you all.
Just like any stylish indoor space, our outdoor space also possesses comfortable furniture, art pieces and of course plenty of flowers to brighten our entry and exit. Purposeful placement of each object here ensures glamorous look that is out to bowl every visitor.
I believe and insist on eco-friendly decorating, it allows to see the potential in existing pieces. Instead of buying out so many different plant stands this summer, I DIY'ed this plant stand with two blocks of wood pieces and a wood sheet on top for a rustic looking my very own plant stand.

We Canadians long for summer hence we spend inordinate amount of time outdoors during the season. This is my personal favorite spot on the porch where I don't only enjoy an iced cold lemonade but also a long chit-chat with husband dear after our evening walks.  

Nothing looks more hospitable than flowers as you walk through the front doors during summer time. Lavender and dotted marigolds are making the best eye catching combination this summer at my end.

The indoor pinkness is extended outdoor on our front porch as well with most beautiful pink flowers. My mild obsession of Buddha is enhancing the porch as well. The Buddha statues and little knick-knacks makes you stop and park here yourself before you whisk away from here.
Small area such as our porch feels larger when they have a clear purpose with little bit of creative touches. Hope you enjoyed this tour of our porch. Until we meet again on the blog sphere enjoy the summer and make the best of it, toodles!  


  1. What a welcoming and cheerful porch you have created with your touches Pinky!
    Love the entire look! I am sure you will enjoy this space in the warmer days with your family. And your photography skills are getting better and better with each shot ��

    1. Your comments and words always touch my heart. Thank you so much sweetheart. Hope you are also making the best of summer.