Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ganpati Bappa 2018

Regardless where you reside, you are bound to be overtaken by the festive enthusiasm, where decorating is a natural extension and essence of the festival. My festive fervor shines through my decor choices. Bringing my signature luxe touch on this year's Bappa settings with rich and complex accents of brass is a pure delight. 

To ignite a new romance and unfold new décor stories at the herald of this festival, I moved forward in that eureka moment and revamped this wall in spurt of the moment. Now the new strong background strengthens the point of focus and spiritual ambience in our temple room. Here is the look of our last year's décor. 
More is marvelous when it comes to brass. I am addicted to brass and I use it often and sometimes unnecessarily. Best of the brass pieces are out on the table that add a visual delight in the company of our eco-friendly Ganesha. The strikingly bold and glamorous paintings of our daughter gives this setting a riotous splash on the wall. The ikat framed mirrors from our recent Egypt tour add enough razzle-dazzle.

Do check out her growing feed on Instagram here.. from where she also takes up orders of painting.

Despite the fact, how people love Ganesha, worship him with all their heart and hold genuine respect for him, how I wish we could maintain quiet dignity to this festive without commercializing it. The viral videos on social medias of throwing away statues of worshipped Bappa has dampen my heart and spirit of the festival. 
Ending the post with a hope and a prayer that more people can make a move towards celebrating this festival more eco-friendly way in coming years. Until we meet again stay connected on my Facebook and Instagram handles, toodles! 

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