Sunday, December 14, 2014

For the Christmas Spirit

Is it Christmas yet? The sparkling lights, fancy décors on city streets and humming the Christmas melodies on the go or playing in pretty much all shopping places prompt you to get ready for Christmas!

Sending you some scenes of festive celebration in my home. Also stocking full of wonderful ideas for you all to inspire and beautify your home to create memories.

A beautiful Christmas tree is for sure but there are other extra touches that make the holidays memorable. There are plenty of simple and time saving ways on internet to get ready for the season.
You need not be an expert crafter or decorator. Little time, little imagination and litter efforts will make you all ready.

 I enjoyed decorating every bit of it. Whether it was crafting or switching stuff from here to there for that proper look.
Paper cupcake holders were all ready with some folding and gluing as a fire place mental décor. 
A holiday display in my shadow box
My Chalkboard has been a very good asset of my family, it doesn't limit for a day to day quotes only, I ensure to use it for all festivities and special occasions.
My chalk board all decked up for the season!

Make the atmosphere alive by displaying unexpected ways like some Christmas lights or ornaments in a glass jar or a candle holder to add colours.

A quarter of candles make a pretty table top or mantel decoration

Our most of the ornaments are over 15+ years old. We used to have a very tiny tree when we initially started our life in this part of the world. I use the same ornaments every year and cherish the memories attached with my children's childhood. Few of them are the ones they made in their kindergarten classes.  I have kept them as their childhood keepsakes and display without fail every year on my tree. Thanks to my photographs printing hobby, today I am able to share you the first tree picture which I happen to find in one of my album collection. This pictures is of our 1999 Christmas.

Our very first tree

It looks like it grew older with us ;)
And at last some night shots with Christmas lights in my home. Putting out lots of candles can enhance any décor. Along with Christmas lights, it just adds shimmering effect in the atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed the holiday touches in my home. Wishing you all the best for your festive journey. Enjoy decorating and more importantly have fun! Singing out and awaiting to hear your home stories of decorating. Enjoy the holidays and spend some family time and create memories.
 Until we meet again, toodles!

Images: All are my home images, clicked by me, please do not share or use without prior permission!


  1. Loved the tree in the night.. Beautifully decorated.. Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Thank you Vasudha, Merry Christmas to you as well!

  3. Those are stunning decorations..


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