Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bandhani Craze

Happy December - Let's welcome the last month of the year. I am excited and looking forward for the holidays and much needed break of being MOMMY. For now, let's hang on to those few days before holidays. Though I have a few posts of holidays décor unveiling soon for the season, so ensure to have yourself connected on facebook page for more updates. At a moment, let's get going with another décor post.

Not sure about how many of you will be in the same mind as me for the love of Bandhani or tie dye which doesn't leave without fascinating me every time I come across one. Tiny square dots,  vibrant intense color, how could you not fall in love with it? The word originated from Sanskrit - meaning  "bandh". It's a tie-dye process of traditional art originated from the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is a very skilled process which involves dyeing, wrinkling, and tying of a fabric with a thread at various points to create variety of different looks on a piece of cloth. If it is your favourite too, have a peek in to the making of it here. I have tried my hands on it in my childhood, I would rather not write about the out come. Though I am a proud owner of the bandhani Sarees in almost all colours.

It was like a must element for a girlhood when we grew up. Bandhani has its charm at any occasion or time of the year but specially in Navratri and wedding seasons the need is highly demanding. Depending on the festivities - more decorative work with mirror and pom-poms are done to give a richer look on the bandhani.

Be it in a form of a saree, a dupatta or a shawl, bandhani has its charm all over me. In today's fast paced global world, the vision for bandhani is not limited for just dressing ourselves, it is also used as one of the strong décor feature.

I use it to give traditional touch in my décor frequently.  Sharing some snap shots of my home with the colours of bandhani.

My shawl as my throw in my family room.

The house warming ceremony

The center piece with bandhani sarees
The recent backdrop for the photo booth

Some traditional hangings and collectibles.
I hope you enjoy the post and will think out of the box when it comes to play around with your bandhani by adding it in your décor. Until we meet again, toodles!


  1. Love the vibrant colours.. specially the table cloth.. :)

  2. Wow... You have an awesome collection of Bandhani Pinky. I love how you have decorated with them in house warming party decor and I just love the first pic. Lovely !!


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