Friday, January 2, 2015

Already 2015?

Happy New Year, folks! 2014 left with some sweet and sour memories, here we are in 2015 already and I am still in an awe that the year passed by in a blink of an eye. Fingers crossed for another great year with the blessings of God almighty, love of family and the support of lovely friends.

Lots of things got settled in last couple of days of holidays! A surprise birthday party for my bestie who turned big 40! Fancy dinners with friends and a break free routine and a relaxed stay at one of our family favourite Niagara Falls. We take full advantage of being so close to the beauty of the nature, we often escape for a day or two.

Finally we took the deck down today and all the tinsel and baubles were put away with another year of CHRISTMAS memories. The room felt empty without it, but sure is "back to normal".

Let's start all fresh and new as the new year's beginning. Some new settings took place with old and new mix and match. Thought of sharing some snapshots.

Sometimes, it is challenging for me to add perfect  colours to my living room as it is already bathed in the touch of peacock blue. However, brass can never go wrong if you are a lover of an ethnic décor.

 A gift of vase made an addition to my brass collections.

I try to experiment with height while creating vignettes. Different heights create visual interest while pieces at the same level will not be effective enough.

Odd is my way to place objects
 When we walk by or sit in the living room, the coffee table becomes a focal point. I have kept it simple to allow focus on other elements in the room. It was an easy way to change up the look of a room and give it a fresh touch with my brass collectibles. 

Added a pop of purple colour to create a complete composition on the table.

Aj, my husband often teases me, when he notices changes in any corner of the house, if my collections have feet and they walk and make their own space in our home or what? Well, with a smirk, I just take that question as a compliment and continue doing so more and more often.

On the colder note, yes, we have been feeling stinging sensations with bitterly cold in my part.

We uprooted our lives and came to Canada and traded weather, so can't complain and have to accept the fact with a smile on a face :)

Signing off for now and will meet again with some new corners, till then, toodles

(Images: All images are of my home and clicked by me, please do not use without prior permission)


  1. Nice pictures and great arrangement!
    Looking forward to more blogs in 2015!

    1. Thank you so much Adn for your compliments and I sure do have a lot in pipelines to share :)

  2. I so agree.. the year passed by before I even knew it..