Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mr. Sun....please shine down on me!

A brilliant ray of sunshine,  a styling décor magazine,  a sip of hot green tea,  and of course my YASH CHOPRA classical playing on the phone right now on a cozy Thursday afternoon. Thought to share my sunshine with you all so you can soak up some of it too.

There are certain days when he plays much safe and decides to take a day off. Though today seems to be his day, but don't get fooled by this sunshine, the temperatures are still not rising up.

We tend to make a big deal of Mr. Sun in our part of the globe. When I rewind my thoughts, I really conclude that I never cared about his presence in my childhood when I was growing up back home. In revenge to that he has landed me in a country where I note his presence or absence every single morning while dressing up my kids for school.

Well, back to the tea part! The green tea has replaced our usual cup of "Ginger Chai" these days. I came across an article with plenty of exciting usefulness of it. All about no harm but worth a drink  kind of philosophy sure made me give it a shout.

I was never crazy about the green tea the first few times I tried it. I used to make it all the time for my daughter but last couple of days I seem to fall in love with it. After a suggestion of my dear pal, I squirt it with a fresh squeeze of lemon and make my own green tea lemonade (of course without sugar)

Did you notice the tray by now? Yes, that's my photo tray which I heart so much and use it again and again frequently. This is my favourite piece of family room which often changes it's use as per the mood. You did took a stroll about my photo printing hobby here. I often change the pictures on this one as well. It just keeps all our memories alive. Every time I glance at it, I get the feeling of being in it. I didn't keep it to myself but I did share few of these as a present to my dear ones.

I bet you enjoyed a lazy afternoon with few of my favourite things and lots of sunshine. I would love to hear your ways to unwind and enjoy some of your very little "favourite time".
Do drop me a line with your thoughts until we meet again, toodles!


  1. Great ...and Also green tea with drops of lemon juice.... Hummmmm😘😘😘

  2. Such a lovely tray... I live in Dubai.. and often we have to request the sun to be polite.. LOL

    1. Thank you Patricia for your lovely comment, let's request Mr. Sun to be here with us for some time :)

  3. What a pretty tray! The sun story is the same for me as well :) Thank you s much for stopping by MDC and your lovely comment.