Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Indian Fantasy - Home Tour of a celebrity (Cher)

 I lately find myself buried in a book and devote some good time to myself instead of the hours demanded by routine chores. On one such browsing through,  I stumbled upon a book about the creations of the interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, where the master designer has created the dramatic looks for his celebrity clients. His designed celebrity homes are inspiring in their chic yet extravagant styles. He has perfectly blend contemporary with traditional look with some bold collectibles. Me, itching with a desire, decided to dig out more to share with my passion family. Let me attempt to steer you through one of such place. A beautiful home to a singer and an actress Cher. The Indian fantasy home that fits perfectly for "Maharani" or a Turkish princess just as she wanted.
The singer actress didn't wanted any color so the designer only used creams, whites and ivories mixed matched with ebony (dark wood). You will notice the touch of ivory inlaid decorated wooden furnishings along with many Indian deities and items from around the world.
An antique Indian carved wood portal frames the entrance. A detailed Indian temple carving guard the entry on both sides.
A perspicacious eye for antique finds of Martyn complements the entrance arrangement perfectly.

An early 20th century Tibetan tapestry is woven of pure gold thread and silver peyotes. On top of the coffee table Indian marble inlaid tray is holding an ancient Chinese guan yin statue.

The Indonesian bronze gongs are decorated by the stairwell. What more can one ask beside this perfect seating of the actress in the main living space, where she relaxes and enjoys the views over Los Angeles.

Mashrabiya screens has completely disguised the kitchen. Mashrabiya work is a most classy and beautiful wood work that the designer used not only in kitchen but many places around the magical home.

A neutral and relaxing powder room with Mashrabiya screens

Cher's spectacular, marvellous, magnificent and ... (I am running short of adjectives here)  bed is made from an antique architectural elements salvaged from Rajasthan, India. The triple arch entryway is a perfect find for her majestic bed. If you notice the bed's bottom panel drops open to reveal a TV that rises at the touch of a button. Hand embroidered silk pillows from Anichini (the most prestigious brand of a luxury textile) attire her bed.

The bathtub, dressed in 18th century carved panels from an Indian place is an actual marble stone.  Harem chairs are brought in from Syria. The ivory-inlaid elephant is an exact one I happen to own, not one but 2 :)

A guest room is dressed with a  private TV nook, where TV is installed inside a hidden panel. I loved how large antique Indian water vessels are placed with Turkish lanterns.
Sliding doors disappear with a view of Los Angeles and the ocean from her living room. A custom made Indian sytle chaise paired with small Turkish Table is where I am dreaming to be right now.
Wouldn't you agree that designer Martin Bullard has such a passion of perfection . Each and every bit is impressive. Just a piece of paradise with unique Indian touch. I agree with your thoughts ;) an actual visit will beat every picture but until Cher invites us, let's linger around in this temporary joy of being here until we meet again, toodles!
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