Sunday, March 1, 2015

Celebration of Colours - Holi

I always feel a sudden pang of sadness pricking through my thoughts at the bang of every festival. I am trying to unspool my mind to recollect my childhood memories of the upcoming festival “HOLI”. Being here in Canada for long enough, I feel it's been countless years since I became a part of this celebration now. I try hard to break down the thoughts of my brain remembering my HOLI, but everything inside me just swirls. 

For someone who grew up in India, and has "been there, done that" can never forget the fun, the energy, the noise and a joyful battle of crazy friends wanting to colour each other on this fun filled festival. Correct me if you think I am loosing part of my memory, but bustling people on the street, a bizarre scenario and colourful images of my friends’ faces are what I can gather up across my mind.

With few random images floating in the back of my head, I recall gathering up with the neighborhood for lighting up the bonfire on the holi evening:  celebrating victory of good over evil. Traditions related to the festivals vary all over India. If history interests you, find out more about the story of  “HOLIKADAHAN”.  

How can we not include the naughty and mischievous Lord Krishna applying colour on her beloved Radha. As an acceptance and popularity of their lovable prank the next day of holi is celebrated as "DHULETI".  A fair game of coloring friends or friend’s friend or even dozens of  strangers. If not dry powdered colours we use ‘PICHKARIS”(water jets) or even managed “WATER BALLOONS” fights. It was essential for you to look messy. If you wish to stay clean, stay home or else get used to looking weird for the day.

 Though for me, the best part was at the end, while you’re all scrubbed up after all day’s colourful “masti” and ready for enjoying delicious snacks and sweets made by mom.
To over come the battle of emotions, splashy celebration of joy has found its way to our home, come on in and enjoy the colourful tour of few corners.
Wooden Indian Music Figurnes
Front end is ornamented with spirited red & yellow. The Ganesha paintings complement the grouping of hand painted Indian music figurines. Each figure is playing different music instruments.
Colourful Daisies...nah, Holi Daisies
When I was considering to create the “Holi” effect at home, I had few vibrant colours of floweres in my thoughts but when I reached the grocery store in the quest of flowers, these colourful daisies were shouting out for me. I was completely overjoyed to have found them. I loved how I could incorporate them with my décor, rather they formed the exact lively and radiant touch I wanted for my home.   
Accessorize the new look with bright coloured pillow covers.

Couches are accessorized with colourful pillows to make the festival mood more stronger. Also, few bright coloured Ganeshas are reserved in the room to give the colourful effect and complement the festival. 

Red and blue my teeny-weeny "Ganeshji", a blessed gift from our very dear friend, sits perfectly on my coffee table to regard and remind the colors.

Green and yellow grouping worked gracefully on my side table.
This "Ganeshji" is another great find of "him" on one of his business trips. Since he is made out of ceramic, one of the arm is broken in the journey but his divine look , his crown, his "mudra" doesn't even remind us that he has been fixed again.
Multi coloured Fireplace mantel

Few bright covered library books and my multi-coloured glasses completed a picture-perfect arrangement of colours on my fireplace mantel.  I was been tempting to use these bright glasses in my décor, but never found any perfect theme to use them but today, I have blended them in my décor with these pretty daisies.

Now being away from all the festivities, we create our own ways to celebrate it. We find joy watching the giggle on our son's face when we share a story of funniest things we did with friends in our history. I have tried to fill that empty hole in my heart with few changes to overcome the grief for not being able to enjoy the festivities. Hope these revamping of colourful corners of our home cheered you and tickled your heart with your childhood memories. Leaving you with the  mist of colourful images until we meet again, toodles.

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