Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Aurea...the exquisite blue pottery

“AUREA” denoting a resplendent beauty which holds sophisticated pottery designs of Jaipur tied with an efficacy. “Aurea Blue Pottery” is an exquisite pottery label of a creative force Roopal, who started this venture dexterously for not only modelling the brand uniqueness but also determining a new future of blue pottery in Jaipur, India.
Earthenware clay is an exciting material handed down since prehistoric times and the bygone era of a caveman. Ever since childhood, I have been always enchanted with the exciting material and the versatility of clay. The squishiness and a sense of touch endure an exciting journey of discovery and turn into an incredible creation. Though, to our surprise, Jaipur blue pottery is the only form of pottery in the world which does not use clay. The timeless collection of blue and white is put together without the use of natural clay or mud. The look is accomplished by blending powdered quartz, glass pieces and other minerals to make the clay-like mixture for making blue pottery. Jaipur’s blue pottery is created with a low-temperature glazed pottery with a single firing process.
Hitting all the right notes, Roopal embarked on a project with the target of bracing the traditional art of blue pottery and by all means supporting the local artisans. Roopal articulates about the launch of “Aurea”: “Aurea Blue Pottery was eatablished in late 2013, with a couple of artisans and a vision to revive the craft of Jaipur's blue pottery. Jaipur's blue pottery which was once in popular demand both abroad and in domestic markets, has been losing its popularity. From my interaction with the artisans and buyers and reports on the Web, we realised that although much work had been initiated towards improving the quality of materials used and processes involved, there were a few areas which still needed improvement. First, being the need for design intervention, so that the village artisans could keep their products in tune with the trends of modern households. Second, was the need for well planned marketing efforts, so that these products could reach their intended buyers. And most important was, the need to restore the quality of craftsmanship which had been dwindling due to the artisans trying to compete with low cost mass produced ceramics.”

The Turko-Persian originated blue and white pieces boost sophistication, glamour and pizazz. The classis, timeless and stylish wild scheme of blue and white will  never fail to take the center stage or spark a conversation in your home décor. The amalgam of designer style and traditional art will merit any colour scheme.
Aurea swots the trend of the globe for a best product and collects the information from a diverse sources for a better appreciation of the products. Roopal squarely accentuates on their theory of upscale product motto and a signature design strategies of Aurea:  “A beautiful blue pottery item stands out because it speaks for itself in terms of the neat hand work and free-hand yet precise designs. But the artisans were producing hastily done low quality products so that they could sell them for less, not realising that it was leading their craft to a long term wreck. Our objective was simple - to spread awareness about the marvels of this craft and work on designs which automatically appeal to the contemporary connoisseurs. And our goal was to make each specially designed product with the care and skill that this craft deserves, so that the superior quality fetches the right value.” 

With the festive season approaching, sparkle your home with this trendy yet affordable antiquated designs created with peerless expertise. Aurea assures to provide the tasteful yet trendy souvenirs, a thoughtful gift for your office, or a great arty, stylish addition of the traditional accessories for your home.
Aurea caters from the facebook page. Or better, next time, when you step your foot in Rajasthan (India), do visit Aurea’s retail outlet in Hotel Rangoli, M.I. road, Jaipur.  To get connected online or order, head to their website here. I would like to thank Roopal for reaching out to Pinkz Passion  and showcasing our readers an extraordinary features of Jaipur blue pottery. We wish you all the best for all future accomplishments, until we meet again, toodles!

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