Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Featuring our home!

Given the opportunity by any décor guru or a blogger to have our home featured is not only a proud moment for me but I firmly cup my hands around the opportunity nodding "YES". 
When Rachel - a passionate lady about interiors and celebration of design, offered me to introduce our home in her Tickled by Inspiration blog, it was not only an admiration of our home but also a proud moment for me to have been able to create a home which could be a source of inspiration for many avid décor lovers.

Our home to me is:
"An explosion of our wit and confidence, a charming amalgam of our personal treasures and deeply rooted love for all things Indian. Our enticingly displayed heirloom pieces or unexpectedly mixed travel oddities sum up the core of our style and our own personality. A motley collection of antique and unique Ganesha curated over 18 years adds the grace note in our home."

Do visit the tickled by inspiration blog to read the entire feature right here. 

I would also like to mention last month's feature on Ila's so very inspiring Indian blog Peacocks in the Rain which gave me another opportunity to highlight Pinkz Passion. Ila's blog is aptly inspired by all beautiful things in India.

My feature on the blog  focusing on our brass enthusiasts souls went something like this:

"Being brass the defining element, our home echoes our affection and flair of ethnic and traditional style . Our personal collections are the best candidates for defining our decorative palette.”

Visit the complete tour on Peacocks in the Rain, right here.

You may navigate yourself to such other features under the "Features" tab above. Up next on the blog will be my teeniest powder room feature, so, stay connected lovely peeps, until we meet again, you all have a wonderful week ahead, toodles!  


  1. Love your Ganesha collection and the way you have displayed it :) ..

    1. Thank you Rashmi, happy that you took a moment to connect :)

  2. Amazing stuff! I am an enthusiastic looking for constant home decor stuff..where do u get all ur stuff from?

    1. Hi Ishita, glad that you liked the décor, most of my brass has been collected over the years from India. HOME GOODS and PIER 1 are my favorite shopping places :)