Monday, February 1, 2016

A month of romance...

Catching up after a heck of a busy day, trusting that with February marching in, your truckload of January resolutions are still intact and not drained to pipeline just like mine ;)
Weekends these days are much more perkier when we enjoy temporary joy of being with our older teenager visiting home and content to the fact that she is returning fully charged with love. Our weekend life now mainly evolves storming ourselves with loads of cooking, stuffing and sending off for our university gal. Though, when hubby dear gets busy in circling the globe, this mommy dear juggles to make this grind sound more of a pleasure than chore. Even though, our girl has started to get better shots of university life; I still find myself stitching the thread of unease while dropping her off, though I pretend to ignore the look of displeasure that crosses my face while waving her goodbyes.

Mother Nature in my part of the world is still surprisingly looking green. Massive snow storm in USA, which blanketed parts of USA in a single day, sent off an actual year's supply of snow, but nothing here. "No Snow" is a rarity for Canadian winter and it has started giving chills to all winter park resorts. No matter which side of the weather war I am in but for now no shoveling…yay!
On the blog front, I have got you covered with all necessary shots of love for the month of romance. I have roped in a tablescape made with muchos muchos love, a post drenched in for my love of brass, and a Buddha post probably will find a way out which is still in between edit-write combination. Additionally, I have a tour of the tiniest room in our home – Powder Room, it may be the tiniest but packed with décor punches all around and you don’t want to miss :). So, peek in again for a busy round of posts here on February. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

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