Monday, March 28, 2016

Passage to porch

With sprouting signs of spring, hibernating in home will be over soon and we will be fostering outdoor pleasures where many breezy afternoons will be spend in poring over a book or fancy evenings might find you there as you sip away your sundown smoothies.
At a time of year, my mind races to speed up the spring by hatching new plans for some ideal outdoor projects. Bouncing off few ideas in today’s post for a functional and fashionable front porch to welcome the gradual transition of the season.  After all waking up with sunshine and green things around after surviving looooong winter definitely calls for a celebration.
Easy eye catching hues in bold colours can instantly enhance your outdoors. Adding a hint of bright accessories is another way to upstage your outdoors. Look for unique ways to use familiar accessories in a way that will surprise and delight the palate. Easy to wash and no fade fabric is an apt selection for our active outdoor needs.

A framed sun room with bank of big windows can block intense sun rays. With a good view of lush green trees this minimally decked sheltered porch brings comfort with a style.
Clever accents of orange and cheery pops of blue are incorporated brilliantly here. A side table to hold your drink and a basket to chuck away extra pillows are merged here to maximise the ease while lounging. Slip covered pillows are best to swap away according to your design needs or seasonal styling. 

With a space challenged porch, make the most of the space you have. A small sky light here welcomes the view of sky over head. An outdoor rug is always a good choice for adding color in your space; equally a lick of paint on floor can also inevitably brighten the floors. Candles and lanterns are must for me to add drama and romance to the porch.

Be your own mixologist and experiment with your favorite color combo. Blooms always make a big bang in any d├ęcor. Window boxes, hanging baskets and pretty flower pots are great addition in your color scheme. Ease into visual interest by adding art work, mirrors or cluster of few frames for an added bonus on the porch.

There are plenty more good reasons to head outdoors which we have been patiently waiting for. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!
Image Courtesy: BHG


  1. Loved the idea of framed sun room with lots of flower pots! Ideal to spend time alone or with friends and family!

    1. Agree Rashmi, I so can't wait to implement my chalked out porch plans for this spring, thank you for dropping by :)