Thursday, April 21, 2016

Heirloom Haveli - (Kinnari Panikar's Ahmedabad residence)

Tucked away in a chaotic and crowded city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a slice of heaven of Kinnari Panikar & John Panikar. A radiantly dressed “Garvi Gujaratan” lady, swaying away on the zula blew me away. An awe inspiring story of textile designer Kinnari Panikar, who stretched every step and took the plunge to save her heirloom family home is remarkable.  
With firm faith, conservationist and textile designer Kinnari Panikar exempted her 25 years of USA life for a maternal home which upholds personal value for her. In pursuance of a herculean task of nurturing and preserving 365- year old home, Kinnari has been at top of the ladder for cultivating pride of past.

After affirming hands on haveli, paying three times the asking price, the daunting task of re-establishing haveli was brilliantly achieved by throwing in traditional and contemporary artistic niceties. Architectural quirks were kept intact by just giving smart touches attuned to the ambiances to meticulously restore the haveli to its original splendor. "Mata ni pachedi” (Kalamkari of Gujarat) work, anchoring the bold color scheme, was splashed down on the courtyard wall to bring the spirituality with an artistic twist.
The kitchen space allowed layering the unusual collection of Kinnari’s loot of utensils from chor bazaar & flea market. Vessels with interesting shape and history are making Kinnari’s kitchen a fashionable playground of unique and timeless pieces.

Pratima, the debuted name of the haveli, is the only property surrounded with green patch which Kinnari fervently maintains by inserting local plants such as madhumalti and bougainvillea which can survive in exotic sunshine of hot Ahmedabad.

Determined to force a fresh start in her decaying ancestral home, Kinnari has kept the heritage intact by promoting this project. Touched deeply by the past, this haveli is breathing again which now represents a story of a tangible bygone era. 

To chew more on this story you may visit here. And until we meet again, stay connected, toodles.
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  1. What a story pinky!! Straight from the bolly movie.. I went to chew more and read the whole story behind "Pratima"...
    The Haveli is one of a kind .. The doors, window frames, wall finishes , paint used , old vessels in the kitchen, everything has that old world charm and majestic vibe ..
    Thank you for sharing such jewel dear. :)
    - Shweta M.

    1. Thank you for liking and sending a warm feedback. I also fell in love at an instant and had to share for my same minded readers like you :)

  2. Great feature Pinky!! This is one of a kind haveli. Enjoyed your post so much!!

  3. This is beautiful... Is there any way we can visit this haveli? If yes please help me with the address.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. I just loved the way it is shown. if you could help me give some details on how to contact them it would be great as I am doing research on this type of things.

    P.s.: I am eager to meet them for my research please help me.