Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Spin

Spring is taking forever to wake up from hibernation, and resultantly with snow in April and drop in mercury made us fear heading back to winterization instead springify our home. Though, after going through fair share of tough times, we came a long way. Mr. Sun is striking out to fill us in with our much needed dose of sunshine, and birds are crooning back with their soul soothing tweets in our ravine.
Our family room, the hot spot of our family, is all spring ready and humming with spring like warmth indoors. After an enforced seasonal swap of accessories, the room is now breathing new spring life. So, come on in, visit our ever evolving space where our devoted family actions yield with jumping feet and wiggling seats. 
With spring fever, my aesthetic sensibilities seem to broaden and deepen. Following the tone of comfort and repose, the room is fairly organized and fairly neat with the appeal of newly done. This year, spring spin is welcomed by softer hues of yellows and greens. Bulky, fluffy pillows and throws are hauled away by propping in these lighter ones in service. Pop of red and orange blends in perfectly with my palette.
Artfully placed vignettes of accessories are steering the room where any talk graciously furthers to my décor when we have company.
This room also shares a close relationship with the natural environment as our bay windows are unadorned in order to foster our ravine backyard pleasure where many mornings are spent before we leave for the whirl of our day’s engagement and evenings find us here as we watch the sun set over.

The ever flowing flow of sun light suits the rhythms and rituals of our activities in this room. And I love how sunshine filtering through those windows infuses the room with luminous glow.

Little glitz and glamour with our "zula Ganesha" is perfectly escorting Tulips to hasten the transition easily on my ottoman, which is pressed in service as a coffee table in the room. 

From time to time, I change my perspective by changing and rearranging with the seasonal scheme to blend beautifully with our surroundings. This gentle prod to put a spring in our step will let us easily tackle the happiest times of spring, be it by bonding over a chess game on sunny weekends or flipping through our memorabilia at the dusk. Signing out wishing you all happy spring! Stay connected for more décor sagas on Facebook or Instagram, toodles!


  1. Hey Pinkz. Everything here looks so beautiful and fresh. But my favourite is the clever idea to hang those autumnal photos (I'm guessing your family photos) on the wall. Blissful. Yellow is becoming a favourite of mine, too. At the moment we have grey and reds, but I might move to yellows after seeing these pics.

    1. Thank you Arti :) Yes, those are our family pictures clicked in our ravine backyard during Fall season. Try playing around with hues of yellow, they sure are refreshing :)

  2. So much Spring all around in ur house.. Love it💛


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