Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bring a zing with talavera tiles

Lately I am trapped in a “too busy” cycle with ongoing work at the home front and when excessive grind and stress come into play, my mind rebels and needs a gentle prod to keep low and patience thinking of new chapters, new possibilities and new spaces of decorating taking shape ;).
With my racing mind, catching many thoughts and pinning down for inspirations and today I am gathering my swirling thoughts on talavera tiles that exude the history of craftsmanship and beauty.  In the course of my social scroll, these ornately patterned, hand painted Mexican talavera tiles seem to be leading the crush of my browsing.
With their historic color scheme and nature motifs any eclectic space can be enliven. Flight of stairs is the perfect place to add an element of drama drawing an eye irresistible to them.

One can never go wrong by introducing more color in the kitchen with their melodramatic settings. Seemingly unlimited pattern and design potential of these handsome tiles will beg your combinations skills at test before making any final decision on their arrangement.  Perfectly placed here in the kitchen will rivet the eye to highlight the otherwise dull space.

Cranny use of color will be equally effective in washrooms. Most distinctive features of talavera tiles will add the perfect amount of glamour to add rich glow and freshness in small spaces.
Though nothing can beat the charm of handmade tiles, their work of art and lavish texture but the wall stickers or decals on Etsy offer endless inspiration if you are eyeing for easy on pocket ideas to brighten any corner.
Replica of actual tiles is easy peel off decal to add a zing in any décor of the home from fireplace mantels to back splashes in washroom and kitchen, or on any piece of furniture to stairways. Their whimsical style will certainly add the pop of color you always craved in any otherwise unadorned wall.

No need to conform to a certain style or fret over any design, decals can be incorporated in myriad styles in a fun and hassle freeways to a larger or smaller areas.

With melting pot of styles of talavera designs, trust your instincts and follow the freedom. Don’t stay locked in a particular scheme but embrace the diversity of these cost effective solution to add the soul and personality to your décor.

Signing out wishing you a wonderful weekend, until we meet again, stay connected on growing family of Pinkz Passion on Facebook and Instagram, toodles!

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  1. Lovely piece on the Talavera tiles Pinky, I'm one who loves minimalism in decor but adore little pops of colour. My favourite I must say is the kitchen counter back splash and the wash room basin. Thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning about this lovely style.