Friday, June 17, 2016

Svatma (Luxury Tanjore Hotel)

Learn from the past, live in the present and create the future befits for our today’s destination. The luxurious boutique hotel with cultural journey that will appeal to any modern day traveler and stand out as a unique destination. Tanjavur, is a city where depth knowledge, passion of architecture and love of art shines through and with an aim to educate guests on the very same art and craft of the region, 'Svatma' (one’s own soul) rewrote the history.
Seduced by rare and remarkable newly poured foundation with specific aesthetic taste of 'The Subrahmaniam’s' (Krithika& Sumant) 'Svatma' is a thrilling place for a perfect holiday. The couple, who clearly cared for preservation with their own personal stamp made an accurate interpretation of the original interiors of a century old former grand residence of Carnatic musician Rama Kausalya. 
The entryway is championing fresh and unconventional open concept with 'no reception' approach to steal your heart upon arrival. Heavily influenced by familiar ancient Tamilnadu ethics, the entrance is embellished with characteristic South Indian style pillars.  
Historical Tamil design is represented in antique furniture glut, framed portraits and varied collection of art, furniture and objects with dramatic designs that add the touch of times gone by.  
Traditional color palette is woven throughout giving sophisticated yet relaxed look where guests can indulge in the abundant charm of history. With dramatic designs one can easily get lost in this comfortable retreat for a social chit chat or unwinding after a long day playing tourist in the city. 
The dining room has all the hallmark of history, where old fashioned settings with crisp modernity set the stylish tone. Organic and vegetarian 'Aaharam' is served to please your taste buds.  
Moody bedrooms are layered with vividly patterned kanjivaram textiles giving it a fresh and vibrant look. The feel of ‘Being home’ ingredients is peppered with perfect blend of elements that promise relaxation swapping the concrete and chaos of the outside world.  

My flirtation started with ‘Svatma’ the moment I glance at it and I knew that I have to share with you all lovely readers. Lightly traditional and modern accents live in harmony in this ‘wanna be there soon’ kind of a place where feeling of a bit of history is intact. Leaving you dreaming about lolling in the lap of this luxurious hotel. Until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!

(Image Credit: Svatma

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