Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Welcome Autumn.....welcome October!

Once September rolls around, we welcome the magical time of the year. This change of season has me on a massive makeover mode. I am unspooling my brain and getting our home ready for the season appropriate look and as a result out comes our beautiful gems and sparkling gold to spell magic of the season.

Warm fall décor on the coffee table

The color therapy in our ravine gets more scenic when temperatures start to drop. With splotches of yellow and orange it creates a Technicolor landscape. As the drama unfolds in front of our eyes, we enjoy this transition from the bank of windows in our family room. Though, our newly built deck for taking in the beauty of fall splendour is an added bonus this year :).
Venturing further this month, posts of October are filled with lots of vibrancy.
  1. After grand success of Part one & Part two of Rama family’s royale home tour, Part three is out soon quicken your heartbeats.
  2. To welcome the transition in the season, a post with a dash of fall makeover from the corner of my home is also in a pipeline.      
  3. A celebrity home tour of Irrfan Khan who has combined style from different resources and different era.
  4. It’s also the time of the year when I get into an excitable mode. With festival of lights approaching soon, me and my luxurious brass will be ready to lure you all with special posts on Diwali which you don't want to miss.
  5. This year, we are also having a special post from various fellow bloggers and dear friends who will share their pockets of the home bathed in lavish touch of Diwali.  

Though, fall falls under a different recipe of relaxation, where snuggling as close as possible to the blazing fireplace with arms wrapped around our favorite hot chocolate in the hand is the best part of the season. Ignoring the thought of snow and cold….we are ready to enjoy the season of boots & sweaters and hoping the same for you!

Until we meet again, stay connected here for the inspiring lined up posts, toodles.


  1. Hey Pinkz. Happy Navratri to you and your family. Your brass ware is glowing like the late autumn sun. Enjoy your deck and please take lots of pictures of the leaves as they turn and then share them here:)

    1. Thank you Arti and trusting that you and your family also had a wonderful celebration of Navratri. The ravine is breathtakingly beautiful in fall. Will definitely share the view with our new deck soon :).