Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Dash of Glam on your table ( Diwali Tablescape)

Come of Diwali season and I get into the décor mode with the frenzy. Décor mania has gripped me very hard just like every year and I have started weeding through the best of my décor pieces to reflect Diwali cheer at my end. Along with delectable array of Diwali feasts, treat the eyes of your guests on a dining table laden with loads of sparkle and glimmer. Adding a festive interior spice will make that royal-on-going festivity of chiming cocktails, devouring Diwali delicacies and delicious tête-à-têtes into a memorable one.  

If you haven’t yet given a thought of your festive tablescape for this year, let me help you construct one with the kind of things you use all year.  The series of such small pieces at my end have created a larger impact on the table occupying as layers for the festival. 
The Diwali table is one place, I love to play and plan even before deciding the menu. A fine idea was brewing in my mind to use these brass coasters (recent loot from Home Sense) on my Diwali Tablescape and 'ta-da' they look fantabulous. 
For that extra little glittering effect, I went overboard with the self-adhesive ribbon from Michael’s. It was super easy to peel and paste on my bare table runner. To add more interest, I also tried the ribbon on some ordinary looking candle votive. And I think I got lucky to achieve that richer look on the table, what say?  
Along came the “Navratri” bangles as candle votive on the table. These bangles are a token of love from a dear aunt but they unfortunately didn’t fit me and I didn’t have heart to pass it on to someone else. With their flashy color, I decided to let them join us on the tablescape :). They befitted perfectly with my golden theme.
For a festive look, choose metallic colors such as brass and silver, they are not only timeless but they never fail to cast a spell to bright up a space.
Try a hint of red, it always works for me. From flowers to candles to tablemats, few thoughtful touches of red can go a long way with your any decorative style.

It doesn't take a lot of time or money to create a beautiful table....just a bit of imagination. Muster up some table skills and run with this as an inspiration to build one with an easy, cozy vibe so you can wonderfully smug about having it all done for the crowd of your favorite people.  You may also refer to my last year's 'Diya tablescape' here.   

We have couple more Diwali Inspiration posts lined up next for you all, so, until we meet again, stay connected on Facebook page and Instagram feeds of Pinkz Passion, toodles!

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