Friday, November 4, 2016

Celebrating November and My Second Blogoversary

730 days….yes, approximately 730 days ago, Pinkz Passion was born. The fact is, this passion page was started on a whim in the middle of one sleepless night and two years and nearly 135 posts, I am still here and my, how much we’ve grown. My décor chronicles have led me to somewhere much better than I could have dream for. I am in a happy place where life tastes different, a little sweeter with all of you :). Opportunities find their way, when you unfailingly work hard in the area you are passionate about. Looking back after two years, I am constantly amazed that this is something I created and grew out of my passion.
Though, none of this would have been possible without you all. I can’t drop the opportunity to thank all of you for reading my blogs, commenting on my posts, fanning me on Facebook and following me on Instagram and all the other many ways in which you lovely peeps have backed up on me. And it still really jazzes me, when readers go out of their way to touch base with me and let me know that my blog has inspired them to look at their home décor chronicles in a different manner, especially with my timeless brass collection. My brass fondness has set a new trend in the décor stories of my readers and few close friends who have started their own collection. It truly warms my heart when readers sent in their pictures when they uplift corners of their home inspired by my posts, it makes me feel I have been invited to their home. I truly hope this little blog of mine can be a source of inspiration and do its best to help you look at your home décor stories in a different aspect.
I must confess that, few motivating pundits of blog industry have been the silent force in shaping up my blog. Stirred from their style, I often feed myself from their inspiration and motivation. After all, that is what blogging is about….get inspired and be inspired.
As we move forward to the month of November, we have a beautiful home tour lined up next which has been bottled-up due to Diwali posts. Also a post of moods of my entrance (sitting in a draft for a while now) has been overlooked but will try to pull it back and publish it in November.

However, after November I am planning a digital time out and hoping to pull the plug from blogging for a while and restore my serenity as I have travel plans to meet and mingle family and friends. Will share a final post of the year sometime later but until we meet again, stay connected, toodles!


  1. Hi Pinky,
    This is one more Pinky here O:-).makes me feel Breathless seeing your collection.
    Where do you buy all your Brass collection.. Can you pls share Online links

    1. Hello from one Pinky to another :). Thank you for kind words of appreciation. Our brass collection is over two decades old mow and we collected gradually from different places, which also includes few heirloom family pieces. There are quite a few websites I have shared in featured blog posts where they sell brass artefacts. Do check them out. You may also try Itsy and other websites where they sell antique brass. The best bet will be to collect gradually as and when you come across a piece that tickles your fancy.