Friday, April 28, 2017

Home Obsessed!

Everyone has their own version of homes; our home is an extension of our selves. An outlet for my creativity, a source of pleasure and comfort. You may also call it a bit of an obsession and a culmination of all the best décor thoughts that I had stored while throwing in some curve balls.
Though, this home, which has been a work of passion, will complete four years in May…and what a perpetual journey it has been. Our home has been pampered, valued, twisted, often spoiled and above all loved. My mind was crowded with mystical million thoughts when the process actually begun. How I wish it was as easy as a click of a finger. My husband and I together dissected every décor thought constructively with our chosen theories, that often lead to hot discussions also ;). Looking back at it, we feel proud to have a home that is filled with the welcoming warmth that reflects our personal ethos and style. 
Somewhere in between this home philosophies and aesthetism, my blog took shape. A blog that has not pushed but has gently opened that door to expand
my passion for the creative abilities. A blog that declares my love for home out loud. I am a décor junkie and this little passion of mine just satiates my heart’s desire but when I hear from you all… be it for our Ganesha collection, our home décor or brimming brass, I feel I've done the right job. We all just need a gentle prod to credence our vision and I feel elated when I see sent in pictures by my readers, that my posts are just doing that for many of you out there. Thank you all for being on this journey with me.
I have seen people with fitness obsessed, food obsessed, fashion obsessed but I am home obsessed...I said it. It is very important for  me the way my home looks...whether there is a crowd or just me, I want my home to feel intimate. But wait...if you are here, I believe you are also mildly into it to...;).So let's together make a place that is warm, inviting and beautiful...a place that you are proud of...a place where memories are made. Until we meet again, have a great weekend and bump around on Instagram and Facebook, toodles!


  1. Your Collections and Arrangements are just Awesome. Can stay a day long reading through your Blog.

    One Quick request is if would also add from where you Buy Decors like Cushions, Traditional Brass Decors and other items that would Inspire us more too.

  2. Thank you Sree for your wonderful words for my blog and collection. Our collection has been sourced from various places around the globe in the span of almost 20 years hence their exact purchase location will be difficult to elaborate. Similarly, cushions in this room are also from various places. Few I designed myself, few are custom tailored to suit our choice and few are readymade from local places.