Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Chic Touches of Cherry Blossoms!

Spring….the time of rebirth and renewal of gorgeous here. Finally the warm weather has settle in and I am absolutely celebrating the return of warm breezes and sunlit days….our ravine backyard has started giving us the hint of resuming our love affair with the season. The trees are starting to bud and songbirds are returning back in our ravine. My tulips are breaking the ground and soon will be showing a hint of color. Though, I am a new schooler and learning to graduate with the familiarities of planting, I am determined to embrace my inner florist this season :).  
Regardless of that fact that I have a brown thumb and I don’t keep indoor plants thriving…I always appreciate the happy side-effect of having beautiful flowers around the house.  And with the transition in season, huge splashes of spring flowers around the home are a sure-fire way to cheer anyone up. Unlike last year’s tulip touches, this year chic touches of cherry blossoms are spreading the array of beautiful pink around the home. A very thoughtful friend of mine lugged away few stems of these beauties from a park where the park officials were pruning the tree due to heavy rain. Now these short lived flowers are ‘pinkified’ modestly in our humble abode ;).

In our first vignette, pink blossoms have picked up on the brass accents beautifully and they seamlessly blend with the existing hot pink color and décor accessories in our living room. Beautifully cupped here with my brass tea kettle they lend a delicate touch of spring and I am so loving it.   
Grouping can be more romantic to add an instant floral fabulousness around you. Graceful bunch of bright blooms are emulating their presence here with copper, silver and brass all together! 
Every spring I go ahead and pile on colors in our home with spring accessories, delicate pink here is just blending in effortlessly with all the rest. Especially paired with an equally eye catching vase, these beauties are standing their own with an oriental touch on this setting.
You know me, I drain every last bit of my flowers and they literally go through a process until their survival and that’s why I didn’t have heart to toss away petals also…hence these pretty pink blossom petals are scattered in urli and big brass ice bucket (an impulse buy and a new hunt from an antique craft sale) for Ganeshji and Buddhaji also ;).
Flowers in any season radiate serenity for me. They are naturally welcoming to enhance some freshness in any place. Until my outdoor blooms rest a spell…I am all set indoors to nestle in the company of cherry blossoms after all day’s work. Are you spring ready yet? I do share bite size ideas on Instagram and Facebook, so stay connected peeps and have a wonderful spring time, toodles!


  1. Enjoyed the "Pinkified" version of your home so much Pinky! All the vignettes around beautiful corners of your house look amazing! I could almost picture your excitement behind the camera with these beautiful pink blossoms!

  2. Thank you Nupur for your unwavering support and lovely comment as usual :)

  3. Lovely home an so much attention given to details...How do u keep brass decor items so shining. I really feel lazy to clean up every week and any tips

    1. Thank you Sumathi. I clean my all brass with tamarind. It really gives good results. Try it out.

  4. I love your decor. Ganesha walking his friend idol brought a chuckle. Where did you find that gem?