Friday, February 2, 2018

Authentically South Indian Home (Gowda Family Home Tour)

If I begin by saying that this home deserves all eyes, I will be considered biased being an avid brass lover. But believe me, it’s not every day that you come across such homes to share with your readers that reaffirms and strengthens that the future of brass is indeed bright. Dig your heels in dear readers, and allow me a prediction! The next few minutes will have you gasped, surprised and all set to believe my above statement, ergo you stay unstoppable.
We are stepping into Preetham & Bhargavi's super luxurious pads in Bangalore  & Chikmagalur (two houses are featured in one post) to capture some incredible insights into a family that has a winning collection of brass propelled by passion, good luck and hand me downs. I am sure this post will somewhat ‘INFECT’ you with my obsession of brass.
Meet Bhargavi, a multitalented lady who effortlessly gives genius strokes in her homes while striking a perfect balance with her busy IT career. Preetham, the proud owner of the masterpieces, boasts that everyone loves their home, and it feels loved and nurtured due to his better half Bhargavi. Suffice it to say that she is the one who keeps their home aesthetically beautiful when it comes to their well curated collection.
Elegantly appointed interior in traditional tone truly personifies timelessness. And before your questions get volleyed to me.... yes, they are oleographs from Raja Ravi Varma Press. These rare and precious collectibles have been restored and reframed to suit family’s living room. Having an eye to both the past and present, antiques and collected objects live in eclectic harmony with reproductions and modern touches throughout the home.Gowda family pays tribute to pieces that have been preserved from one generation to the next adding a note of the past. As summed up by Preetham, some part of the collection is heirloom and most of it is collected over the period of time hence exact source of pieces is hard to recall. Few are bought in from antique stores, original owners, Sunday markets and art dealers but each one tells a story.
While using lots of interesting individual elements of brass  and art here the couple is aware of the fact that there isn’t need to add any dramatic color on the wall to create added impact. Rather they have left the room in neutral palette that allows the pieces within the space to shine. Adding raw elements such as classically styled wooden textural façade of an old house from central India is repurposed and used as a focal point on the wall to set the scene.

Before you get green with envy with all the brass I have many more glamorous pictures to, hold on there! The age of the brass here seems to have merely brightened its sheer and the decades have only enhanced their dazzle. Preetham's mild interest in brass turned into something serious when he grew up. He is thankful to his wife Bhargavi and parents for their constant support and co-operation who contribute in his passion lovingly.

The family's chikmagalur property is equally pleasing and enticing, where the love of old things is at the core. You will find the mix of old and new and that’s the epitome of Bhargavi's design sensibilities which makes you happy every time you walk in the doors. Their love of brass and art has made its way into every nook and cranny of their make, making it a truly personal and one of a kind place.

Bhargavi skillfully mixed old and new pieces create the impression of having been collected over time. The arrangement is done so masterfully that through there is a humongous amount of metal displayed, it does not appear over indulged and instead sparks hunger for more. It is also a secret to ensuring that a room won’t look dated in coming years. The family has enviably fused various styles and eras effortlessly by choosing neutral palette as an organizing principal. Now that is a beautiful display of a chess board but I personally, would not be able to make a move with all the dazzling distractions around me. If you are done taking in all the beauty from these Tanjore paintings....draw your eyes to that pot that is uniquely used as a book holder.
This image grabbed my eyeballs. Strikingly beautiful display of Paavai Vilakku standing tall and proud. One or two objects might catch your eye, but numerous pieces placed together heightens the effect, giving the arrangement weight and power.
The quantity and quality of the collection in Gowda family home is amazing, wouldn't you agree?

Distressed, matte and honed finishes are preferable to highly polished, reflective surfaces. Each piece is characterized by the extraordinary patina of generations. While perpetuating the creativity and dedication they honor the handiwork or artists and artisans of years past.
You sure can not over look even the smallest corner. The collection in their home has been given new interest and life at every nook and corner. There isn't any inch of wall space or a corner left bare, yet magnificently eye pleasing without being overwhelming. 

I am sure Preetham, who is constantly on hunt, must have had several eureka moments when he encountered that special piece and still couldn’t own it.  
Gowda family owns many masterpieces. And when it comes to displaying it: 'More is more" is the mantra for Bhargavi who otherwise plays safe. When the collection is displayed in a full view, the home radiates an air of quite effectiveness that doesn’t go unnoticed. By the way, did you notice those ingeniously exhibited 'dubbas' and that book holding pot?

Bhargavi has a clear design crush on ‘South Indian” style. Its often the identity and taste that end up being the spark that inspires the overall design of the home. Seen here are the antique coconut scrapers from Tamilnadu, once used in every South Indian homes , are now collected to adorn walls near kitchen. Collection can take so many forms and they speak volumes about the collector if displayed properly. After all, it all boils down to knowing who you are and what you like and trusting your instincts. One can glean so much from looking at this collection and the way it is displayed. By the way, this dining room reminds me so much of Paddy Rama's home tour where she has also used tall antique mirror in her dining area. Take a look here.
I am sure you all got a feel of having walked into an old world era until the reality hits you that we have come to the end of this home tour. I am grateful to Gowda family for allowing me to access to their extensive collection via my blog. Take a bow Preetham and Bhargavi for owning such precious pieces of history. I am also thankful to readers like Anupama Prasad who believes in my passion and points out homes like this one to be featured on the blog.

Here is a take away from today's blog story - be Bold, be unpredictable and most of all don’t be afraid to break so call decorative rules while displaying your collection. All that décor decisions you make about should bring joy to you and not some next door neighbour. Until we meet again, stay connected on Facebook and/or Instagram for more inspiration lovely peeps, toodles!

(Images are taken by Gowda Family). Please do not use the images without the prior written permission of the home owner and Pinkz Passion however, you may re-pin them from Pinkz Passion's Pinterest account) 


  1. I love their mirror in the dining room. There are so many antique pieces there, can't take my eyes away from them. There is one mismatching piece, Pinky- correct me if I am wrong-behind their victorian sofa- there are 2 pics with flowers - on its side- the display of paavai ladies- there is little mismatching- perhaps they could take that pic and add some silk zari display in there. Just my few thoughts- but it is stunning. My children say that I am addicted to antique brass but I have to show them this post. Thank you so much for posting it. Preetham and Bhargavi- adorable unbelievable collections- totally mesmerized.

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  3. Amazing collection and beautifully displayed..

  4. A perfect visual treat... and gorgeous Collection of antiques..

  5. This is one mind blowing home I have seen in a long, long time. What a treasure of brass collection and how artistically everything is displayed. I am bewitched, awestruck and also admit, green with envy at the homeowners collection. A big bow to the Gowda family and hats off Pinky, for such an awesome presentation as always. Totally in love with this home!

  6. Awestruck, with the couples’ collection!! So aesthetically displayed without being crowded . Well curated home & as always excellent presentation ,Pinky . So glad I stopped by to peep into your blog . I am surely going to visit this space again to drool , envy & love all of this beautiful home 💕Shalu

    1. So glad to see you here Shalu. Thank you so much for dropping a wonderful comment. I had you and your beautiful collection in my mind while working on this home tour :). Lots of love.

  7. I am speechless! Cant define my admiration in words. Simply breathtaking....

  8. One of a kind home Pinky!! As I mentioned earlier, while walking in this home one will be in a trance, admiring each piece. Such a treasure trove. This home certainly boasts of the owners beautiful collection over the time. Once again a wonderful narration by you Pinky! Thanks for sharing this treasure with us!

  9. Awestruck by their home..

    I am thinking about the effort that goes into keeping the brass clean & shiny.

  10. Thank you so much everyone for taking a moment to stop by and appreciate this home tour. So glad that you all equally loved it. I am going to cherish this home forever :).

  11. Hi Pinky, Thank you for posting so many wonderful house tours by far and you have an amazing aesthetic sense that is displayed in your own house decor.
    I am a silent reader of your blog and really glad to find an Indian home decor blog that is truly inspirational to me and I do not miss a chance to share it with my frds over here in USA.
    For the first time I beg to differ with your view of this house tour. Totally my own view, please do not take any offense and neither I want any controversy over my personal view about the house.
    in deed all the things that Gowda family possess are true treasures. And they are very rich in their treasure collection but the abundant display of all those brass gives me a feeling that it is kind of a store where everything is displayed in multiple nos. For my eyes, it seems to be total clutter. I love display of treasure in modest quantity like I saw in few house. Putting everything that you have on display is giving me a "STORE" like feeling where I personally won't be comfortable with my movement and with every step my mind will do extra work of not hitting any of the collectible.
    Things that is displayed in the house is very beautiful but they will draw more attention if it was displayed in moderation.

    1. Thank you Sasmita, that was a great mix of praise with constructive criticism. I’m glad you took a leap and shared your feedback. As a blogger I strive to reach everyone who has an equal interest as me in the traditional and ethnic home decor, but I understand that for some few home tours may be incompatible with their own. You are definitely entitled to your opinion but my goal is to provide something that can help everyone who is interested.

  12. Greetings Pinky ,your blog was shared by a friend - Mrs Sudha from Chikmangalur ,as she thought it will interest me, being a interior designer . I must say, i am quite impressed with the decor , love the details you kept in mind for a typical south Indian house yet keeping it simple . Good Luck, Cheers .

  13. Came across this by accident. WOW! What a wonderful collection! I am so happy that the next generation is preserving our rich heritage.

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    This is a great post- so clear and easy to follow. A list of quality not the quantity.Do check my blogs and giveme your valuable feedback on that