Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Royal Tablescape - Just in time for Valentine's Day

Just when we thought we might head into spring mostly safe, this weekend’s snowstorm dumped snow supply of a year here in Toronto. When the weather is as appalling as ours, our whole attention turns indoors, where I take great pleasure in entertaining because every spirit need a lift (including mine) in this frightful weather. And if you are in with me to warm up your evening and surprise your guests or spouse this Valentine’s Day - take a cue from this post and give them a royal treatment with style, substance and oodles of sass.
I do not wait for Valentine's Day or special occasions because creating ceremony in everyday moments is something I do well. With few extra moments (just about 20 minutes to be precise for this set up) of planning and arranging you can make any evening even more memorable. In return of showing your love on the table for good food and good mood, you will be rewarded for your efforts and attention to details :).

Few basic but very elegantly appointed brass in traditional tone with fuchsia (instead of red for a change) seemed perfect for the occasion. Brocade dupatta is appointed as a table cloth for that royal touch on the table. Let me reveal a secret here…aside from traditional table clothes I have used shawls, curtains, scrapbook papers, gift wraps, paper doilies and many more such material to prettify and shield my table. There is no rule book that I walk around with...rather I take chances and play around with the possibilities ;).
Entertaining is far more than just serving three course meals, its about ambience, about putting guests at ease and about creating an evening that shall be remembered and cherished for long.  The meal you are laying out needs to be appealing irrespective of how yummy it tastes. And that's why before my food gets on the table, the table settings always excites my guests.
A little bit of forethought makes it simple to alter a non-friendly surface into one that is inviting, accommodating and perfectly falling in the rhythm of the season. With love you will have no difficulty in harmonizing your evening. Spare some time and throw some love to stage a festive get-together and make it a pleasant evening for your friends, family or loved one. Stay loved and stay blessed until we meet again on Facebook or Instagram, toodles!

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