Thursday, March 29, 2018

My Home - My Pride (Laundry Room)

I do not walk around with a rule book when I personalize any small space. Though my general rule with revamping any place is to play it safe when it comes to patterns and color pallets. But it seems with my laundry room's color and bold design choices, that rule is also out of the window.  
As the before picture hints out our laundry room was functional and organized enough. With a great deal of counter space, it was easy for me to clean, dry and fold our laundry. An under counter stainless steel sink and built in soap dispenser are just perfect for us to easily clean our messy boots or to shine my big brass pieces here. With plenty of storage space, this place has always been quite organized one but I wanted it to be a pretty place, where the rituals of doing laundry would give me enjoyment....who am I kidding? is never pleasant, but my laundry room is..come on in!
When we had the paint work done, all the rooms were painted neutral shades but I wanted to try a daring wall color for my small laundry room. I decided to add a little spunk to our boring beige laundry room with this rosy pink shade and guess instantly turned this 'dreary' room into a girlie glam laundry room.
Nope...the painters didn’t do the stenciling work. It was one of those unproductive weekend recently when the creative bug inside me got hyper and made me undertook the challenge of stenciling. Eventually this little DIY turn out quick (finished in an hour) and was quite easy on pocketbook (Michael's stencil with 40% coupon) with less efforts. Here is the link to paisley wall stencil by Michaels.
Highly inspired by the mud work embedded with mirrors and being a big fan of paisley designs, I tried and mimic the same look by adding a singular paisley design with tiny mirrors that would enhance the overall look. Now the room adds the hint of traditional elegance where I could leave the door open and show it off to my guests.  

Renovations might seem timeless and enduring but it should certainly not prevent you to express a sense of fun and experimenting with new skills when it comes to your home front. Hope this little tweak from my end will inspire you to revamp one of your spaces. Until we meet again, stay connected on Facebook & Instagram. We also have a giveaway and another beautiful home tour coming up so stick around, toodles!  

P.S. This Launddry Room is now added to 'Our Home' tab. If you wish to take a complete home tour, visit here

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