Friday, March 2, 2018

DIY Gallery Wall

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted my DIY project on Instagram feed couple of days ago. It was one of those snowy weekends when I crack open most DIY decorating ideas. However, let me confess, I am really not much of a DIYer but my appetite for crafty projects has skyrocketed ever since this project yielded great results with little to no frustration. 

After going through many "foyer wall" dilemma that I had, this simple, cost effective with high impact idea suited my purpose.  Inspired by the framed 'prabhavalli' that I got it done from a local framing guy on my last year's India visit (see here), I took some creative freedom to do the same with old frames and extra brass accessories. Undertaking this project however did not need any special knowledge or expertise and moreover the result thrilled me. 

Here is the step wise process (luckily I snapped few on my phone) for those who are novice like me to help you understand better.

Few tips:  

  • I used the left over frames (from Walmart) that I had in the home but the thrift stores are the best bet to score few frames for this project.

  • You may use any kind of unused fabric (I used extra left over silk blouse pieces) However, intense color will elevate the whole look with brass. 

  • I ironed the pieces before attaching to frames for an even and smooth look.

  • I removed the glass from the frame and used Fevibond (Synthetic Rubber Adhesive) to attach fabric to the cardboard of the frame and the brass accent. 

  • You may want to give extra support behind frames to hold up the brass weight.  

  • If you don't have brass accents, plain colorful fabric in brocade, ikat, or just about any kind of fabric that speaks to your like or love will equally give you good results.

Now the wall shows my creativity through what I choose to display in my home. The brass bells (another great find of my husband from India) on far left has been with us since two decades but it never looked this attractive. The frames now add the much-needed color and style to this small nook. The pair of two carved elephants is a gift from our cousin from India that he scored from an antique dealer. 
The frames, behaving like a puzzle pieces, are now adorning this nook as if they were meant for it. With a reflective glamour, it now rivets attention to anyone passing by the foyer. And given an opportunity, I wonderfully smug about having it all done by myself :).

Hope this DIY post will bring your hidden creativity to the shore. Feel confident with your style and have courage to experiment. Mix and match - textures, patterns, color, shapes together to create a visual treat. I personally feel this is an excellent alternative to a costly painting or a print.

Until we meet again, enjoy your weekend and stay connected on my Facebook page or Instagram feed for your regular dose of décor, toodles!


  1. Great idea..Looks beautiful .. where did u get the firewall peacock ? Any link?

    1. Thank you and he fireplace cover is from Pier1.

  2. Love the pillow cover.. where I can find those kind?

    1. The cushion covers are custom-made by Bristi. You may check her blog in my featured product segment.

  3. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing such an extraordinary information........

  4. Is fevibond enough to stick the brass to the frame

  5. Beautiful wall and you've done a great job. Your home is lovely.

  6. Beautiful and thanks a ton for sharing... i was diving in deep google and youtube to learn how to make these frames as they are spectacular.