Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jay Govinda - Jay Gopala

In the silence of the night, my mind is just blooming with tons and tons of thoughts. With butterflies in my tummy and nervous about no one ever reading it, I am about to start my journey of "blogging". Never thought of being a blogger before but the ideas of spreading my thinking definitely took place long back. Finally found a platform to pen it down and present as a show to you all.

The very much starting post with my SHREENATHJI - My God, My Lord, My Krishna. He is the form of Lord Krishna and Radhaji - 2 in 1. His main idol is located in "Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Great amount of devotees visit the place for his darshan and blessings. "Vaishnavas" follow this "Pushtimargiya" religion and deeply believe in him.

I am here to cover an event took place in my home -  ANNAKOOT. I happen to share few glimpses of the event on few groups of social networks and was surprised to learn the fact that many are unaware about the term even. Mostly all temples following this religion around the world perform the Annakoot on the day after Diwali.  

Annakoot meaning a Koot (heap or mountain) of Anna (food). Many of you must be aware about the story of GOVARDHAN dharan by Krishna. In nut Shell, he held the Govardhan mountain on his pinky prior to few days of Diwali to protect his people and cattle in the rain to save from the anger of Indra. However they were awed by his superhuman act and celebrated by worshipping the mountain and offering all the delicacies to him. This is how the tradition of Annakoot actually started.


I started my journey of pleasing him a month ago. Initially it doesn't click right away from where to start and what to start with. Even if you start you can't guarantee of being perfect as it is offerings for the god you can't taste it. Well, I know he loves sweets and even though I am not the right person of making them I started by surfing couple of websites, videos and group discussions.Some days are passed in up and down mood swings and you can't think or make any samagri. However, certain days are with more spirit and those days, you will be done with 6/7 prasadi items.

I made most of the dry snacks and sweets first and kept them in the freezer. So many dishes I never thought of making but still tried and made. It all came along magically by the end of the day.



I knew that last day had to be an eventful day with lots of excitement, confusion and pleasing. I was all ready to take up the challenge with lots of pre preparations. I ended up making 70+ items as offerings out of which I made half of them or more the same morning. Aj supported me through out the journey of it.

This was all my part of doing it, Aj participated by making an actual Govardhan mountain. Took his time out of busy schedule and made one pleasing to eye.

 Slow and Steady wins the race, I was almost there. Ready to win his heart. The busy morning passed by quickly and time came to arrange the offerings.

Finally all set to please Krishna with my offerings, my seva, my love to him.


Lots of chanting bhanjans filled the prayer room. The whole atmosphere was divine. I could feel his smile peeking through all of these. The offerings were taken as "Prasadi" by all who joined us for the darshan. 

Ended the event with so many blessings, so many happy faces and so many satisfying seniors. Each day my love for him grows more and more and I wish it remains the same. I want his hand of blessing on me forever.  


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