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I feel so proud seeing little ones growing up. My younger one read the whole post when I was giving final touches. His cheerful smile brought back many happy memories on his face. On the contrary, we need them to be there in our memories when they grow up and fly away from our nest. Creating memories and cherishing the moments will take us long way in their absence, and that is the best part of vacations, being close to them and adore the time with them.

Striking down another post, a post about a journey, a new destination and one of the unforgettable vacation which we will treasure over the years.

Being proudly Canadian, here I am with my first travel note of B-E-A-U-TIFUL British Columbia.
Often people consider Vancouver as the province but it's just a city of British Columbia (BC)
In this journey we will cover Vancouver, Victoria (the capital of BC) & Whistler.

Landing at Vancouver embarked visible culture of west coast with their ambiance of totem poles scattered at the airport.
Personally I found that Vancouver was much like any other metropolitan city. Busy roads and busy people. A visit to Stanley park and Capilano Suspension Bridge and an extra drive along the coast can be covered in a day.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The must place for those who loves their lenses. Breath taking scenes and cliff views. A bit pricey but worth going if you visiting first time. 
Totem poles at Stanley Park

We drove around the  Stanley Park from different locations of the city but it would be more fun to take a stroll. Beautiful scenary and being in the middle of the city you have a view of the bay. Not much of a sport person who would bike down or walk the whole day in the park but people love doing so, may spend their whole day in the park. 

If you have a sweet tooth, must pay a visit to La Casa Gelato in Vancouver for 200+varieties of ice cream - Gelato. I bet you will have hard time deciding your favourite flavour or might just get full with the try outs they offer.


If you’re in Vancouver, you can't miss out the magnificent Victoria city on Vancouver Island. It is worth a journey. I was more fascinated by all of the other cities han Vancouver. We drove to the ferry terminal at Tsawwassen and took our car in a ferry to drive around in Victoria. 

Parliament House, Victoria

China Gate- Built by Chinese community back in mid eighteen century. As my kids study in their history, many Chinese migrated to Canada for Gold Rush or building Canadian pacific Railway made their own space. This is considered Canada's oldest China Town.

Empress Hotel Victoria.

 NOODLE BOX - Asian restaurant was perfect for our lunch choices in Victoria.

Unlike my mom, gardens never excite me. I am not much of a garden person though I make sure to buy flowers for me and my home d├ęcor in timely manner. But I had to change the statement, as soon as we entered this Butchart Garden. My words won't enough describe how beautiful garden we witnessed. Here are some snaps from my lens. If gardens inspire you - go ahead read the interesting history


WHISTLER , BC                                  
highly insist a visit to Whistler while your stay in BC.
You will miss out the immense beauty of  Mother Nature. 
I was speechless to understand so much to do in this mini town with the mountains, gondolas, village, sightseeing and more.

 In contrast to other people in the town we were less adventurous or I should write less risk takers. It sure was a town for the lovers of snowboarding/skiing. We met many avid skiers or snowboarders from not only North America but many different parts of the world who re-visit Whistler more often for the love of snow sports. Whistler is the number one over all ski resort as per voted by the readers of Ski Magazine.

The beauty of Whistler lies in two huge mountains -  Whistler & Black comb. We took peak to peak gondola ride and had an amazing memorable dinner at the peak of Black comb mountain.

Gondola Ride

Ski Gears

The view of Whistler town from the top

Peak of Blackcomb Mountain


The top view from Whistler Mountain.

I am not much of an adventurous person, but when I was forced down for zip lining, I had to put up a drama for not doing it but the 3 musketeers of my family forced me to face all fears and take up the challenge. I must admit it was the most - the most wonderful experience of my life.
Highlight of the Whistler visit was the zip lining.  We took the 5 - zip lines with ziptrek.

The first trial one was in the town

I was literally forced down to leave the tree top and jump. 

Last one and longest one was for 90 seconds.

Well I survived the zip line and here sharing the amazing experience with you all. Digging down the memory lane for putting up the post brought back many sweet memories. More beautiful and more serene part 2 is in pipeline to tour actual Canadian Rockies and some via rail journey.
  Till than, toodles. 

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  1. Very nice pics and very descriptive report of your trip. Really enjoyed. Keep it up.

  2. Enjoyed it very much...I have not visited these places but felt as if I was there personally!!!!!

  3. Great Post! I need to take lessons from you on the art of capturing memories and organizing them well!

    1. Thank you Adn for dropping by on my blog and adding your valuable comment, do drop by again to have a look at part 2 of our journey.

  4. Such a lovely holiday.. And I love how you've covered this post in such detail..