Friday, November 28, 2014

Girls Night In!

Being total filmy, I couldn't stop myself humming this beautiful melody of movie "DIL CHAHTA HAI" entire day when I started thinking of sharing another post all about my friends.

Dil Chahta Hai
Kabhi Na Beete Chamkile Din
Dil Chahta Hai
Hum Na Rahe Kabhi Yaaron Ke Bin

Thought of sharing some glimpses of "Girls Night In" hosted by me few months back. What can be more entertaining than to spend some good time with your besties. Who needs a reason to celebrate, when we are the reason of celebration. These are the girls I laughed, cried and grew up with past 10+ years.

Some fancy DIY projects and fresh hand made food and I was all ready to rock and roll with the girls. Girls were surprised to the set up and also menu. Laughs, good times and memories we created and of course more bonding in this "we time". No kids , no hubbies or no extended family to take care, just time for ourselves. 

We were too busy laughing and giggling about the night that we forgot to take the cameras out for snaps, so leaving you with memories from our mobiles.

Had fun planning personalized Bollywood themed frames for each one!

My Welcome Board.

Some yummilicious food and Bloody Mary drink for the night

Personalized water bottles.

They all get to keep theirs as the memory of the night!

Not much fancy but pleasing to eye table set up for my girlies.

How can I forget my frame ;)

The pictures reveald all the storie of the night. We had good time with gossiping, lots of chit chats and well spent time together. 

If your "Girls Night In" is long over due, settle in these ideas and soon plan your own to catch up with your girlfriends and update your memories. Till we meet again, toodles. 

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