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The wonder of the World - Niagara Falls!

The held thought of writing about Niagara Falls was been rearing its head with some wondrous thinking in mind. Being truly Canadian I have already shared my portion of journey in part 1 & part 2 blogs of the west coast places that have left their spellbound impact on us here in Canada. Today's feature story of Niagara Falls speaks my heart out as it's our most loved holiday spot being an easy reach to us.
“WE” get the itch to visit the place be it for an occasional weekend getaway, or a compulsive trip for any ambitious visitor’s request. From Toronto it’s about 1.5/2 hour drive and an excellent excuse for some “us” time on that long drive .
 To justify the beauty and navigate you to the place more accurately, I have snatched first 5 clicks (American side) from the personal album of a very creative photography duo, Jo and Dhruv of Strokes Photography. They are primarily wedding photographers but also specialize in lifestyle and event photography. Do take a peek in their mesmerizing clicks on their website. Their outstanding harmony truly understands how to seize “the moment” of their clients. The enthralling pictures will accurately drench you to yield your way to the Falls.   

3 famous falls of Niagara

Chiefly three falls - American, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe (Canadian side) you have to explore. American falls transports much less water than Horseshoe Falls but you can get real close to the fall on American side, and truly feel the water hurtling down the falls.  

The very first glance of the powerful falls guarantees goose bumps. As you drive by the naturally beautiful Canadian side falls, the swooshing of windshields,  prove the presence of mystical droplets greeting you. As you justly stand in front to meet the thundering and loud falls, the whizzing wind, the powerful rumble of water, and few facial mist of h2o is likely to work as a bliss factor to pull away all your fatigue and revive yourself. Absolutely wonderful thing to hear, see and feel!  

The Observation Tower
The observation tower is the best bet to view all 3 falls from American side. Though the Canadian side is not purely visible from the tower.

American & Bridal Veil Falls

Cave of the Wind is simply a thrilling adventure to enjoy the majestic view by literally taking shower in the water of Falls. Rain ponchos and Sandals will try to keep you dry, but don't bother, just get soaked up completely in the beauty of the nature without having a second thought of being wet or cold (be careful with your camera, though). The most spectacular scenario and rainbows you ever come close to, (trust me on this one, it's worth every bit) you will have once in a life time mighty powerful experience. 

Canadian Skyline

Though, unlike American falls,  you have to appreciate the beauty of the falls from far-off on Canadian side. "Journey behind the falls" is also a part of major tourist attraction on Canadian side where series of tunnels lead you to go behind the falls. Skylon Tower on Canadian side is quite popular for formal, classy and an expensive dining experience with a great view of Falls in a revolving 360 degrees. 

Maid of the Mist at the basin of the Horseshoe Falls
This one impressive cheesy touristy ride I wouldn't ask you to give up at the cost of anything. I have jumped on the board countless times but "once you have seen it, you've seen it all" phrase is far eluded for this ride. The crashing down on the fall on your face, when the boat deliberately travels right in to the lip of the Horseshoe Falls, will leave you speechless. Feel the rocking of the boat and plopping on your face, let this natural wonder of the world leave you a lifelong personal reminiscence.  

Cheesy Maid of the Mist
This breathtaking Maid of the Mist ride is operated at both American and Canadian falls. They do provide their iconic blue poncho but when you soak up at the brink of millions of litre water, you don't expect to be dry and hey, it's just purest water of Niagara River.

Rainbow Bridge connecting USA & Canada
The Fall falls as Canada's major tourist charm. Covering most of the sites by foot will be much easier on warm days specially. Strolling over the Rainbow Bridge to US side or vice versa is much quicker and incredible. The idea of walking just few steps and you change the country is quite fascinating for many like me. You don’t want to miss out the phenomenal backdrop of Niagara Fall from the bridge and the feeling of being close to the splendid beauty of Mother Nature.  Ensure to carry your passport or visa as you have to go through the customs for crossing the international border.

A view from our 42nd Floor of Embassy suite 
And on one of those days/evenings we just go to literally chill and don’t bother going by the falls, instead stay in our room and revel in the view from the window. Pretty fancy accommodations are available around the falls, but I highly recommend to reserve your place with the sight of all 3 falls.
Those special fun and elegant nights certainly are incomplete if you don’t crack your hands at one of the 2 strikingly grand casinos at the falls.

The most recent click from 9th floor of Embassy Suite
In winter, its beauty touches at the peak and looks truly majestic but mind you it gets unforgivably cold. You will unquestionably have a remarkable camerawork in winter months; moreover, the pedestrianized streets will be less crowded for the period of winter months. In summer months being a tourist season in full swing you get the feel of herded like cattle at times.

Night lights & fancy fireworks
The Falls enhances its exquisiteness when you captivate the lighting effects of the falls when water is dipped in the color. A remarkable spectacle of stylish fireworks above the falls on those special nights will hold your breath in awe.

Clifton Hill

You won't have trouble filling up days around the falls as beside this major attraction the place is covered with tons of other beautiful places such as Aquariums, Winery, Helicopter rides. Marine Land and the Great Wolf Lodge are a compulsive places for those young visitors in Canada.  Clifton Hill is another tourist trap and a happening fun street on Canadian side. Mini Vegas would be just the right term to describe the hill with lots of fancy food chains to please every taste, museums awaiting to impress/horrify and an arcade to perplex any age group.

While creating this post I highly needed sound of “mantra” than those expressive adjectives to make you fall in love with stupendous beauty. So, what are we waiting for, put that additional tick mark for the Niagara Falls on your bucket list. Let that traveller bug in you plot a little jaunt to splash in full splendour of Niagara Falls. A Canadian charisma has gorgeousness in every season. Stroking of these wonderful words have craved me another trip soon ;) with warm days ahead, if we get bumped up at the falls, do wave me a hand!

Until we meet again, toodles!

Image: 1-5 (strokes photography) 6-10 - (Pinkz)
Image: 7 (via) Image: 8 (via)


  1. Always want to visit Niagara falls and never could. Thank you Pinky for this amazing virtual tour!

    1. Hi, Prasanna, I am glad I could lead you to the virtual tour. Niagara Falls has been my all time favorite get away place. Hope you have an actual tour soon! As usual love to read your wonderful feedback, thank you!

  2. A few months ago my family and I took a weekend trip to see the colourful elegance of the horseshoe falls. I must say that your pictures captured all the beauty that you can see and so much more. While I'm not going back there for a while I will tell all my friends about my experiences, so should you.

    Norman Hawkins @ GoByBus Coach Travel