Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring is in the air

Happy Sunday folks, finally Spring is in the air. Toronto was soaked up in wet and muggy shower kind of weather but honestly, the weather has whisked me away, I feel I have rediscover myself after a long hiatus. The first trace of dawn in bed is surprised with whistling and chirping of bird songs outside, a hot cup of my ginger tea is enjoyed with occasional visitors in the pond of my backyard and evening is indulged by trailing off for a long briskly walk breathing in the pleasant air.

 Mr. Sun is perking up in little corners of the home and enveloping us in a bear hug. My spring blooms adopt a perfect look in the sunshine adding bonus of enjoying spring.  

This little transition has rekindled my love affair with Mother Nature.  Surveying these scenes create a new surge of assurance that warm days are just around the corner after big hangover of wintery days.  I am determined not to mess up with this chance of warm spring weather ahead and enjoy it with my happy-to-be attitude!  Wish you all a very happy week ahead, I know I will have a good one as my weather bug has all double digits Celsius lined up for me :)
Until we meet again, toodles!

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