Friday, April 24, 2015

A Springy Welcome

Our home is punctuated with many personal collections of 'Ganesha'. Many gifted, discovered, collected and inherited exquisite pieces are often revealed on facebook page. Though, some pieces of my collection tug at my heartstrings. Today's special appearance of my absolute favorite Ganesha is one of those piece. It is one of the interesting decor find of our proud collection. As soon as I had my eyes landed on him, I knew this fabulous, exceptional and unique "Ganeshji" is coming home. Many of you have witnessed my winter oasis of front foyer, created with all neutral white leaving a calm effect inside during those chilly, white winter months. Today, taking you closer to a more springy note. Few swirling spring thoughts and trial & error phase has resulted this vignette  cheering at the front foyer.
This fabulous plus of "Jhula Ganesha"(swing Ganesha) has been added to our collections since almost 10 years. The spring has repulsed my thoughts and my décor fundas to exhibit a remarkable piece from our collection. And on one of those "design moments" well chosen pieces are all set to guard my entry utterly uniquely.
Flowers have always been my best bet. A quote on one of the recent read; "Any thing that holds water can mostly be used for housing flowers" takes after my theory of setting flowers. Beside, nothing looks as inevitable as fresh flowers when you enter the home. Flatter the style with some fuss free arrangements of fresh flowers and you will be complimented at every initial encounter at the front doors. I have set them in an antique brass kettle to suit my purpose here.
 My mirror where I check on my last appearance before heading out the doors has reflected the perfect capture of the vignette. The proud brass lion is a visiting card holder piece which was rescued from Aj's office desk to complete the boldness on my table.  

 Lately, brass details implemented into home décor are a huge hit. The common thread of brass stiches this vignette together as well.  Posing above "the Ganesha paintings" add playful hit of solid colors. The back drop art of brilliant water color painting of Radha-Krishna on cotton canvas was a gift from Jaipur (15 years back) which I treasured by framing. It has been just displayed informally  here so that I can alter different looks more often on that console table.

After gathering up all well chosen pieces for entrance,  I stir up some fun and achieved this look of spring at the front foyer. Have you added some design punch at your entrance to upbeat the mood of spring? I would love to hear all about it,  until we meet again, toodles!


  1. What a curated story to cherish.. for your entrance! Ganesha paintings are my favorite :)

    1. Thank you so very much Prasanna, I love to see you here dropping by and encouraging my little efforts! Ganesha paintings are my favorite too ;)

  2. Your house is so tastefully and elegantly done ..... I'm in love with it. All your Ganesh idols are so beautiful , each one of them is unique and special in their own way. Very beautifully done truly are an inspiration ��

  3. Hi, I am in love with ur house. Wish I were staying near to my house I would have get suggestions to set up my new house. Where did u get the entrance furniture?

  4. Hi there, May I know what the wooden plan the Ganesha is resting on called? And where I can find something similar? Thank you!