Friday, May 15, 2015

My Home My Pride ( Home Tour @ CDL)

This May, our glorious little home accomplished stamp of 2 years old and couldn't have asked more than a featured tour,  just to celebrate it.
Being one new schooler on the blog sphere, still struggling to graduate with the expertise of "Home Tours". However, with all my gratitude, want to take a moment to thanks Nayana and her blog "Cherish Dream Live" for raising an opportunity to showcase our home on her blog.

Our house hunting initiated with the gutsy thought of relocation 2 years back. Respecting builder's original version, in no time, our home was rising on a truly inspiring site from the ground up to achieve our desired perfection.

Living Room
We were keen from the day we endorsed the home. We savoured the entire process from building, planning, and decorating our new home. 

Laundry Room - Front Foyer - Powder Room

Connecting dots of our eclectic research and affirmative thoughts on decorating are still in evolution and continues to be so. We gave our best shots to reward exactness to every corner of the home.
Family Room

As I broach up words for my home:

"A bit of team work, bunch of our own gut feelings and a happy mix of new contemporary and few old classic pieces tot up our dream world. My design mantra is not strict or stuck on any fixed fundas, thus still struggling to compose an exact style of decoration. We both are house proud and, “our home is our pride!” Our home is filled with the layers of our own personalities!"

Leap over directly to the blog here and steal a complete tour. Until we meet again, my passion people, stay connected, toodles!


  1. are welcome. You have created an amazing house for your family .

  2. Stellar! loved every corner!
    Take a bow home owners!


    1. Thanks a lot Deepa, I feel happy to read such beautiful words for our home :)

  3. just seen this blog today and very much impressed Congrates

    1. Thank you so much and hope to see you here often!