Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

As I struggle to compose myself, initiating the thankful note on this special "Mother's Day" to my two beautiful, thoughtful, encouraging and loving women  - My Mommy and my mom in law. Also sending special bunch of wishes to all the beautiful and wonderful mommies out there.

I, being one proud mommy today want to raise a toast to my own motherhood by taking freedom to indulge in some motherly moments by sharing a jubilant time of me and my rebellious, stubborn and quirky teen daughter & oh-so cool, curious and of course clever son.

We are getting closer to have an "empty nest" phase in our life soon as our daughter is seeking out opportunities for her further education. I have to step back and pause my motherhood as she builds her own hard and happy times life has to offer.

Stealing a moment here to realize how time actually flies and the little toddlers with whom we have built sandcastle are ready to taste the beginning of adulthood.

I want to share a cheer to the day I arrested the twinkle in my eyes about being mommy, and also a cheer to the day I felt I was on cloud nine actually holding them in my arms for the very first time.

Pure delight to hark back to those hugging and kissing toddler years where "do not touch" - "do not put that in mouth" was frequently playing like an old record.

The joyousness of schooling phase where chauffeuring around the clock either for swimming lessons or dancing classes never seem to end. Where frustration manages to often break its own boundaries, but I tried to keep myself contained and fully a mother figure image.

Gleeful, pre-teen years where we have struggled to defuse a constant ticking bomb somewhere in them deep down, where we just pretend to control the note of impatience.

And now flustered teenager years where they are just lost in their own thoughts and in a rush to embrace the adulthood. We factually have to turn a blind eye to them even though our inner temperature soars.

Unlike many mothers, I have also learned motherhood pieces by pieces but I have enjoyed each and every phase of it by loving both of them eternally. Thankful to be blessed and loved and to be a "MOM" to my children.

Few posts are already on the tracks coming your way. Till than enjoy the bonus of beautiful warm weather and your "Mother's Day" to the fullest until we meet again, toodles!


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