Monday, May 25, 2015

Hello Monday :)

Hello Monday, here I am scooting over countless chores and juggling with many balls at a time. Taking a compulsive break to get connected with you.  Catching  up with a quick post to gather all the energy I might need to survive for the rest of the week.

Unveiling today, another signature piece of Ganesha from our collection. His stress-free and peaceful mudra leaves a smile on my face at every glance.

Past few days have been working against the clock for me as we had a  “pooja” arranged at home this weekend. Lovely crowd of family and friends accompanied the occasion, hoping to share few glimpse soon J. Though, presently, I am turning a blind eye to all the chores on the horizon for me.

My agenda of the week is jam packed with tons of activities. Lingering haze of many draining dance practices and few final touches of an approaching weekend dance performance is etched on the screen of my mind right now.

Also, last exam of school life ended for my daughter, leaving us with a thought of how fast the life and childhood slip away so soon. We have hard time grasping the truth that daughters grow up so fast. Since exams are over the young girl has a fresh reason to go on a shopping spree with mom for upcoming prom.


The good weather is also to be blamed for being inattentive on the blog front. I have professed my official envy for those who can take pleasure of indoor and outdoor life throughout the year, but for us Torontonians, just few warmer months bring our "boring" winter life to some  "chatpata" weather. Hence, busy enjoying the first taste of sandal season after long.

Along with my ranting, I am signing off today with some beautiful blooms, though, I have pretty few posts in pipeline, so stay connected with me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, until we meet again, toodles!  



  1. Your brass collection is to die for or errrr "steal from" ;)

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Aarti. I love to incorporate them in my day to day décor frequently for some fresh look. See you around :)