Monday, June 15, 2015

DIY planters - Thinking out of the box!

I am definitely not so big on gardening. Being on the blog has stretched up varieties of my interests and artistic skills. Spending life in the part of the coldest city on the sphere, gardening has never heartened me unlike my devoted gardener mom. I have inherited my love for art and décor from her but couldn't considerably catch interest on the road of gardening. Though, I did get my hands dirty in the season by having few beautiful blooms in my small garden. The Homedit sight has accumulated DIY planters from various  social sites which caught my fancy. 

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Vintage cups with interesting colors to suit your color scheme are fairly good for small plants and small places in the home. Clear glass with some decorative gravel can really give that dull window sills an interesting look.
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I loved the complete different organic look of this coffee bag planter. Perfect to enhance the beauty of any place in the garden with a natural feel.

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Drilling few wholes patiently will give you this natural, handsome and a movable brick planter, especially for succulents. The narrow roots of the plant will not mind the deficiency of growing space.

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Who would think of having plants in a book?  Few old books+ a hole + plastic sheet + a plant = A brand new planter. I must admit it was an impressive one.

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Colourful pairs of rubber boots, how cute is that? Flow of inventive and creative thinking help gardeners find plenty of homes for their plants. These hanged rubber boots look adorable with spring blooms on them.

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A shower curtain planter, seriously. Pretty ingenuous, what say? A bright colored curtain planter with sophisticated design looks brilliant. 
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A handmade fancy template and chalkboard paint will transform your old planter into a cohesive one.  With your imaginations you can have fun with drawings or writings. My thought bubble is also visualizing them as cutlery holders; they will look striking on any party table.

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All these mind boggling DIY planter ideas were just too silly sides of the coin, and could definitely be a neighbor’s envy. If they caught your interest, visit the site here for more ideas and inspirations. Few craft supplies, DIY spirit and little elbow grease will give varieties of different pots to plants. Have a fantastic week ahead, until we meet again, toodles!

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  1. Having wellies as plant pots is such a marvellous idea!