Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Strokes!

Stroking some bite size ideas on my summer notes today. To undertake my decorative goals for the welcoming season, I try to acquaint with a new colour scheme and the existing pieces to set the style and create little area of cosiness. My mind always has thoughts floating around to shake up seasonal décor for approaching a better look and feel the place in my home. 

Mingling with accessories and playing with what I own offers me an abundant preference. The principal factor, in my most decorating projections, is our proud crew of "Ganesha”. I take liberty to coddle in some unique combinations by providing contemporary spin on traditional pieces with the benefit of different Ganesha.

Exhibiting my brass wares for spreading out flowers is a resourceful way for seeking out the unexpected. I mostly incline for grouping of 3 objects to lend the visual power that only one alone would not give.

Rotating cushions is also my way of giving a splash to a space. Bold and deep colour for winter and/or light and airy for spring/summer looks always enticing.
For this season, I have punched bold pop of yellow and mango to build that summer triumph effect in the room. Custom-made cushions from Bristi lend a hand to complete that summer arrival in my niche.  

My family tour will mention my affection of cushions and how every so often I change them. Of course, I don`t have that many cushions, I have all those different cushion covers which are always welcomed in the room according to my frame of mind and décor swings. Besides, they are quite easy to wash and put up when not in need. My linen closet is packed with those dressy, casual, colourful or neutral shades of covers.

Face lifting the fire place mantel from season to season is also on my evolving décor mantra. Stirring things around can make the same room feel so fresh.

Mr. Sun`s sweltering summer rays in my family room add the last touches on my vignette.

When I survey the scene after smoothening out every wrinkle, straightening pile of books, mist with linen spray or lit a candle to pleasantly hazy the room, I honestly get seduced every time I enter the place.

Rediscover your style with a little of this and a  little of that to open up a stream of variety in your decorating styles. Turn those under the eaves corner into justifiably known one. Be undaunted in your approach and you will succeed. Till we meet again, toodles!

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