Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hakuna Matata - I am off to Vacation!

As I sit down to write this post, I am whipping up a storm with whizzing here and whooshing there. In the middle of all this, I am sharing a sheer joy of our travel across the globe to East Africa for this year’s summer vacation. After working our tails off around the clock, we are about to leave all the woes behind to create some memories of life time.

Firmly bitten by travel bug has embark this year's vacation to the place of our dreams. We decided a sentimental journey to revive fond memories of passed by era. (yes, we started our life journey from there)

My family is a travel junkie and always on a quest for a little adventure. The lined up vacation was a necessary leap for rekindling family affairs as we try to inculcate the same to our kids. After all, you don’t get that many other ventures to be a kid again to devote time with them especially when the older one will be sent-off for her new track of campus life.

A real world nature vacation vs fantasy places. Smashing safari with diverse wildlife will positively outrank the Caribbean vacation.  From "Flip flops" to "Toms" and from "Fruity umbrella drinks" to local “Matunda” juice will absolutely be lodged deep in our visual for long. A leap towards some excitement, new discoveries along with few laughs thrown in will be a perfect get away.

Leaving behind few stems of fresh carnation from my coffee table sitting pretty even after couple of days. So, off I go from the home land and of course from the blog land to mount up more memories and bring together more to share for my readers.  

In my absence, I have lined up to throw back few old posts from the archive. Miss me while I am gone (go ahead, admit it, you will, I know).

Ensure you are following me on instagram where I will be sharing few snippets of our travel, as and when I get chance. Until we meet again, "Hakuna Matata", enjoy the summer vacation and good warm days, toodles.


  1. Sigh! your brass. The candle holders are to die for; umn may be kill for hee hee hee